Pacemaker - First Dunking - Short Session On The River Irwell, Manchester

Having sorted out some things at home earlier in the day and applying some further lacquer coats to various floats I found myself with three hours to kill.
I was going to have another crack at grayling on the Goyt but didn't fancy getting caught in rush hour traffic on the M60 on the way home so opted for a 

" Smash & Grab Raid "

On my local stretch of the Irwell.
I nearly didn't go fishing at all but a phone call and a quick roasting off

" The Casterman "

Saying  . . . ..
" Get out there while the weather's good "

made me get my kit together and test out one of the best looking floats I have made to so far

I got a wiggle on and was there for 15.00.
The first peg was one I had fished before. A good fast paced run for testing my new

" Pacemaker "
I had all ready made up the float rig, so, setting up was accomplished in five minutes and I was fishing in ten. Maggots and bread was my bait for the day and some liquidised bread hopefully to tempt a big chub.

Initially I tried bulk shoting the rig. Bait was then added. 
For this session a big lump of bread flake was my choice and within ten minutes
 I was into an out of season small brownie. 😊

These fish don't half put up a battle in fast water 

The float was performing well but I am not a lover of bulk shoting on the Irwell and changed the shot pattern to

" Shirt button style "
6AAA strung out with no1 and no4 droppers.
I was much more comfortable fishing like this on the Irwell.
 You can not drag the bottom on a lot of swims as there are so many snags in the river.

Fifteen minutes later the bread loaded pacemaker buried once more and I was in again . . . . another small brownie.
You just can not avoid them on the Irwell !!!!!!!
Forty five minutes had past now. Five brownies up to a pound and graced my net by now but the chub were proving elusive once more.
I made the decision to move swims and within five minutes I was up and off to a downstream peg I have never fished before.

I'm not getting any younger and after a ten minute walk I reach the new swim and sat down for a rest, flicking in some maggots while I caught my

I was going all out for chub in this swim so no half way house 
size 14's !!!!!!!!
I whipped on a size 8, took an AAA shot off and baited up with a mahoosive lump of bread. 😉

First trot down tight against the wall and the pretty little pacemaker buried, 
the creature Reacher hooped over and I was in to a good fish.
With my finger tight down on the Okuma Pin I gave the fish little line and watched the 

" Creature Reacher "
Do its stuff.

The fish bolted for the rubbish raft at the head of the swim and I clamped down tight on the pin stopping the fish dead.
The rod took it all in its stride and bent right over. 
I felt in full control of the fish which was a good size but no monster.
A brownie of about 2.75 lb.

A quick pick and the fish was released to fish again.

A nice fish but still no chub.

I tried again casting as close as I dared to the rubbish raft in front of me. . . . .
A perfect cast . . . . . .
but my float didn't cock !!!!!!!!!!!
I stuck . . . . .. just to make sure.

The rod hoop over once more and I was into something solid !!!!!!!
No head shaking or twisting just solid thumps. . . . . .
This was a chub !!!!!!!!
and a very god one.

Carefully I applied pressure and after a few minutes playing the fish I got my first glimpse..........

It was a chub and the biggest one I have ever had from the Irwell. It turned after it hit the surface and headed straight for the rubbish raft !!!!!!!!.
With my rod tip under the water, hopefully to keep the line away from the snags  I applied side strain.......

Too late . . . .

She had buried herself in the rubbish raft.
I tried a few tentative pulls and she came out straight away !!!
I couldn't believe my luck.
She was out in the main flow now and tiring quickly.
I positioned her up stream and slowly drew her over the waiting landing net.
It was then that she flipped her head one last time . . . . . . 
Unfortunately it was enough to throw the hook and  she was free !!!!!!!
That sinking feeling we have all had before hit me like a brick in the stomach !!!


That was close to my modest pb of 4.5 lb. Never mind an Irwell pb.
I nearly packed up there and then.

After I had wobbled my head I started fishing once more.
Again a mahoosive lump of bread was the bait. Another good cast right tight against the wall and the pacemaker meandered down past the brick work and thundered under !!!!!!!!!!

This time. The fish went bananas !!!!!!!!!

She crashed out of the water nearly hitting the wall then sped up stream past the rafts into the rapids above me and I just couldn't keep up with her.
Luckily she was still attached and the rest of the fight was played in the shallows in front of me.
 There was no mistake landing this beauty. 
I guessed her weight at about 3 lbs but she may be a bit lighter as she was a very long thin fish.
Not the intended target fish but a lovley brown trout.
Sorry for the poor picture. 😔

I phoned

 " Casterman " 

Straight after my session and gave him the low down.
This swim has been on his radar for a while so I thought I would share my lost chub story with him.

Plus a little more info . . . . .
Not everything goes on the blog. 

I was still gutted about losing the chub but had a busy short session with the pacemaker which was my intent all along.
Very happy with the floats performance.
I may try to use lignum or alloy to balance the float out a little in fast water.

I told the boys !!!!!!!!!!!!
They were both on the day after !!!!!!!!
But that is their tale

Until the next time.



If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link. 😊


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