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My Biggest Irwell Fish To Date - Little Britain Anglers - March 2014.


Had a couple of hours on the Irwell in (Little Britain Anglers Stretch on Wednesday 12th March. In typical "Peanut" style all best laid plans fell apart. I was planning on fishing from 10.00 - 12.30 just a quick season to see if I could winkle out a chub. Firstly, I was late, which I hate being & had to be back at...................
" The Place Where Smiles go to dye"
Formally known as work for 13.45....:(
I arrive at the Elton Tackle shop bang on 09.00 and the bugger was shut !!!!!!...Bo##ocks...... So, after a few shall we say " Choice words " I sped off to Fisherman Way which Thank The Lord was open for business. With a pint of grubs and some bits and bobs I high tailed it off back to Radcliffe where I had planed my short river session. By the time I got there it was 10.45 and my plans were falling apart rappido . I was not a happy little Peanut at this stage............. :(
A quick natter to my latest bes…