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New Waggler Float Tube Whipped & Feathered

For some time now I have wanted to make something to protect my  " Slim Waggler "
The obvious choice for me was a float tube,
with my initial float tube success still fresh in my mind from my first model
I was fairly confident I would be able to produce another half decent tube.

The new tube below is again made from a single block of pine with brass hinges, violet & gold whippings plus a feather for a little added colour.

Tube dimensions are :

Length 285mm
Internal Diameter 20mm
Outside Diameter 35mm

The tube has a 20mm hole which fits around seven of my new wagglers,
it can double up as a  pike float tube as it fits a single
25 - 30 g pike slider perfectly. 😁
The best thing for me is that I have something a little prettier than an industrial plastic tube to transport my new creations in whilst fishing. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

TTFN Peanut.
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New Slim Inserted Sarkanda Wagglers

I am in need of a few Medium Slim Inserted Wagglers
for a few Ribble, Mersey and Weaver runs
I know so decided to make a few using  Sarkanda Reed.
The quartet below take approximately 3AAA
in weight and will hopefully put a few roach, the target species,
in my keep net.
I used a different thread pattern in the centre of the floats to shake things up a little. I hope you like it.
The thread colours used were black, gold and violet.
Here is a quick preview of my next float tube to.
I am becoming a big fan of " Sarkanda Reed "
and will be making a few more
using some different coloured threads just to see if I like it.
So stay tuned if you like
Inserted Wagglers.

TTFN Peanut.
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My First Float Tube 😁

It has been a long time in the making but I have finally finished my first

"PP007 Float Tube " This is probably the smallest tube I will make. The brass plaque was commercially engraved but I have future plans to make my own.

The Tubes measurements are :
External Length = 20 cms Internal Length = 15 cms
External Diameter = 6.2 cms Internal Diameter = 4.0 cms
I have added two different diameter pins on the lid. This is to orientate the lid to the correct position so the brackets attach the lid correctly.
A small amount of purple velvet was added to the interior of the lid to help protect the float tips. I made this prototype tube out of a single pine block. Once the turning was completed it was fitted with a brass plaque and brackets, but now I am happy with the manufacturing process I think I will be more adventurous with my  choice of wood in the future. 😁

I must admit I had a lot of help on this project from my dad
" Salford Pete "
He has an engineering bac…