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Salford Friendly Anglers. Membership

Salford Friendly Anglers Membership.
Right everyone this is very important.
Mike Duddy Chairman off Salford Friendly Anglers is signing up all new applicants NOW . If you have had trouble signing up in the past please, please, please sign up again and you will be in.
We are a pressure group so membership is extremely important to our organisation. THE MORE MEMBERS WE HAVE THE MORE CLOUT WE HAVE with government bodies, local councils and private industry.

Did I mention its FREE, yes FREE to join . We have 7 lakes, Salford Keys & Miles of the River Iwell.
If you want to catch fish like this on the Irwell then help us protect the river by joining us.
Irwell chub

Castermans PB Irwell chub below 😊

Irwell perch

Not the biggest Irwell roach bag by any means but its my first and
"Salford Pete" aka my old man caught his first ever River Irwell fish.

I the 1970's and 80's me and "Salford Pete" used look down at the river from Victoria Bridge and dream of fishin…

River Mersey - Another Challange

River Mersey - Another Challenge.
Just had a mooch near the Warrington Stretch at Woolston. Very interesting.......... I can see a serious campaign going down on that stretch, its lovely.

A decent run of Salmon is now present in the Mersey s I have been lead to believe.

Can not wait to get on it with one of my home made wagglers Andy
Just had a chat with one of my pals. He said the Mersey gets really hard in the winter.........let the games begin......



Purplepeanut007 Family Doo

No fishing or even Black Opps this weekend. Had a rare family doo at the Bay Horse pub in Unsworth near Bury.
My nice was 50 . Massive turn out and met some of my old school pals some of which are family also.

Great to see you al again especially Carol and Lisa who live in Hebdenbridge and Chris Pringle who I have spent many a drunken hour in a whitefield pub in my youth.......not to mention The Best Lads Holiday in Crete in 1990. 😁.

Chris Pringle over 20 years ago in Crete. Top holiday.


Trotting For Roach and Dace With The Casterman

Trotting For Roach and Dace With The Casterman. River Ribble.

Had a great day last week on the River Ribble near Shaws Arms with " The Caster Man " ........had over 130 fish on the stick and waggler , maggot and hemp. Quite hard work after a couple of hours. But well worth it. 15 lb plus easy.
The caster man was fishing on maggot and waggler :o, :o, :o, :o, :o ...... Think he was practising for a future River Mersey challenge ........... sneaky git............ P-)
Great company good weather , great fishing and a rite good laugh.
Thanks Derek.

The card in the picture below is for a rodrace competition that I have entered for the previous two years. The website is called Breaking The Surface. Thanks to all the staff at the site especially Neilpeel, Duane and Tincaman.

Thanks for the tide warning Johny , it nearly caught me out....... Nearly Got a wet caryall .... ;)
Ps ....I don't remember that walk being that long fellas........I must be gett…

Pike Fishing - Black Opps - Breaking The Surface - November 2014.

Pike Fishing - Black Opps - Breaking The Surface...

Had a one hour window to catch a pike for my Breakingthesurface Rod Race point.
Mission - not to get caught of the Mrs.........LOL

In true Black Opps fasion nothing went by the numbers. I got to the res and left my rubber shads at home.........DOOW... I then walk up to the hill and realised I had left my landing net in the mighty Megan. ????...... DOUBLE DOOW

When I eventually got to the top of the hill it was brilliant sun shine and the water was gin clear.

Got my reliable Aldi spoon out of my spinner box. (The only lures I had brought with me and tried a few tentative chucks not really expecting much.  I was already thinking about parents evening with my son at Holly Cross College when, on my second cast..........WOLLOP my 10 g lure rod hoofed round and the clutch on my Shimano 1010 screamed......bloody sh*t my pants I kid you not.............................. 5 mins later the fist pike of the season was in my landing net and a poi…