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Inserted Stick Float- Silver Session - Tony Peet takes It Through Its Paces.

Tony Peet very kindly took my
" Inserted Stick Float "
For a testing session. 
Below are the results of his findings. šŸ˜Š
" I decided to have a quick go on the River Ribble this morning. The sun was just rising and with a clearish sky,  I knew I would need to make the most of the first few hours of the day.

The swim I picked was quite deep and the flow about half walking pace. I had decided to fish two lines, one a rod length or so out about 6ft deep, the other would be mid river  11ft.

 Before I set up in a swim I know I normally feed it.

I was loose feeding hemp corn and maggot. Straight way I had a problem. I had took my best catapult out last week and not replaced it šŸ˜£. The only one I had was my winter maggot one for short range feeding. Not the best start!!  I managed twenty or so mini pouches of  bait and BANG the elastic broke!! Well,  I had got some corn across and I could feed the near line by hand, but it didn't stop me bemoaning my stupidity. . . . LOL ?…

Stick Float Disgorger Video - How To Set Up & Use Them.

Hello again,
I don't know about you but I loose disgorgers all the time on the river. They fall out of my bait apron all the time so I thought of a novel way to keep them with me all the time by incorporating them into a Stick Float design.

I thought I would produce a quick video to show how I use my Stick Float Disgorgers.
I hope it explains everything.......šŸ˜‰
The proof is in the pudding so the saying goes.šŸ˜‰
Until the next time……….


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Disgorger Stick Float Baptism - Salford Pete & The Ginger Assassin Meet and a nice Surprise !

I had a tiny window on Sunday evening for a few hours fishing so I asked my dad if he would like a few hours trottng on the a local river  . . . .

With a . . . . . “ Yes I think I will Son “ šŸ˜Š

 as his answer I phone my mate John Deryshire to see if he fancied it to.  John doesn’t need much persuading and of course agreed to come along. I was having dinner at my mum and dads that evening and in the end was running an hour late. We ended up getting to the river about 18.00 which only gave us a two hour session. John text me before I left asking us where we were. I told him we were both running late so he should start without us. As we pulled up the heavens opened up.

"  Not the best start to the session " my old man said. " Better than being stuck in the house though . . . . . and we both agreed on that.

 We walked past John on our way to our peg. John had had a nightmare start and left some gear at home and had to go back for it so he was just setting up........he wasn…

Loafer - Coming Of Age. Andrew Boyne Hits Gold on A Hard Day.

Andrew Boyne has written a nice guest piece regarding my new loafer float . . . . .  . .
Good result . . . . . . šŸ˜‰

Andrew write up folks . . . šŸ˜Š

" Had a few hours on the Ribble this evening, hoping to find it in better form than when Mike and I last visited. Unfortunately it wasn't, in fact it was even worse! An hour each in 3 of my banker swims produced a hand full of small chub. Trudging back to the car i decided to have a look at a swim I've not fished since last season. A couple of trees had gone down since i last dropped in there and their branches laying out over the water looked like a classic fish holding spot. Access close to the snags was dodgy but a peg 30yds above provided a nice spot to fish. It was impossible to chuck down with the tip due to overhanging trees - thankfully i had my trotting gear, and Mikes Loafer with me! Bait was to be a lump of paste wrapped around a size 8 Raptor Big T - no messing in the fast water. You need a big float to support a h…