Disgorger Stick Float Baptism - Salford Pete & The Ginger Assassin Meet and a nice Surprise !

I had a tiny window on Sunday evening for a few hours fishing so I asked my dad if he would like a few hours trottng on the a local river  . . . .

With a . . . . .
“ Yes I think I will Son “ 😊

 as his answer I phone my mate John Deryshire to see if he fancied it to.  John doesn’t need much persuading and of course agreed to come along.
I was having dinner at my mum and dads that evening and in the end was running an hour late. We ended up getting to the river about 18.00 which only gave us a two hour session. John text me before I left asking us where we were. I told him we were both running late so he should start without us.
As we pulled up the heavens opened up.

"  Not the best start to the session " my old man said. " Better than being stuck in the house though . . . . . and we both agreed on that.

 We walked past John on our way to our peg. John had had a nightmare start and left some gear at home and had to go back for it so he was just setting up........he wasn’t a happy little ginger nut !!!!!!!!

Salford Pete decided not to fish to my surprise and said he was happy just to sit and watch. With salford Pete tucked up under a brolly nice and dry I told him he was on feeding duties and it was his job to trickle maggots into the swim while I set up in a rain storm......LOL.

I was trying out my new disgorger float to today. It is both a disgorger and a float. A dual purpose tool so to speak. It is a self cocking stick float with a disgorger on the tip that will take about 4 no 4 extra weight, very handy to have in your kit bag as a space saver when roving and very noticable in your tackle box as shop bought disgorgers tent to blend in to the rest of my gear never to be seen again ! ! !

Having set up I had a few trots down on bread which proved to be biteless. A quick change to maggot proved the right choice and i had a bite straight away.

“ Missed it Dad “

I mumbled.
Salford Pete just chuckled and said . . . . . . . . .
“ I could see that go under from here  you blind bugger “ 

We both laughed as I re-baited and had another trot down. This time I didn’t miss the bite and felt a little spirited resistance on the other end. Not a big fish by any stretch of the imagination but a good little tustle. A few second s later I had the fish on the bank. . . . . . . .
I couldn’t believe it. I had in my hands the biggest gudgeon I have ever laid my eyes on.

“ Just look at the size of this gudgeon dad “
 I crowed.

( Just to give u some scale. The disgorger Stick is 16 cms long )
Salford came out of his little waterproof den to eyeball  the catch.
“ That’s the biggest gudgeon I have ever seen “ he said and we both bust out laughing. I am getting the keepnet out this big girl dad chuckling as I said it.
Look how wide she is accross the shoulders. 😲

Unfortunately that was the highlight of our short session. I had a few perch and another smaller gudgeon. Feeling a little down harted I was contemplating a move when I hered a rustle in the bushes behind me.
(The stickfloat disgorger passes its first test).

It was the
“ Ginger Assassin “
creeping up behind us.
“ Ow Ya doin lads “
“ Not much John but I have had a MONSTER gudgeon “

Oooow lates have look Peanut. I have had a few biguns from this stretch in the past.

John waited patiently as I retrieved the . . . .
Big girl from my keep net.

OMG  . . . . .

Mike she IS a bigun m8. I have had bigger on here but not by much. You have got a Dougy specimen there  !!!!! Lol.

We had a long chat about a possible future gudgeon hunt whilst sheltering under the brolly. John has got some mini scales at home and said he will brig them the next rime we go " Gonk " hunting together.

My dad and I called it a day then and headed off for half an hour on the tench lake.  
I had nothing but 4 oz perch but John had had a few nice tench earlier on in the day on his
" Tinca Stick "
and he took a short video for the blog. Well in John 😉😉

My dad really like the look of the tench lake. I may even get him fishing again next time. 😉

Until the next time……….



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