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Unsworth Anglers - Silver Fishing On The Pole.

Pole Rig Spring Clean - An Intimate Reunion - Unsworth Anglers.
Had a few days holiday to take before the end of April so I thought I would have a drop on my new / old club waters Unsworth Anglers. I had been a member of this club for over 20 years back in the day and it has just been re- stocked with f1's and tench on one of the ponds.
I hand a 2.5 hour window to fish so I opted to fish the tiny pond called Carvansons, named after the fragrance factory it sits behind.

(Funny, in my capacity as an Aerosol Development Technologist I recieve samples from this company on a regular basis - small world ay )

 This was a favourate destination when I was a wee niper. Salford Pete would announce that we would be going fishing in the morning - usually a Sunday - and I would litrally be awake all night with excitment. A good day in those days was 5 fish a piece, usually perch roach and gudgeon in that order. If you were lucky and I mean really luck you would catch a Crucian Carp but these we…

River Irwell Barbel - Another Dream Realised

River Irwell Barbel On The Centerpin & My Own Floats.
Today was the last day of my river fishing season. I was planning on going to the river Tame but I got up late and the Traffic was really bad so I headed  off  to the Irwell to christen my Okuma Aventa VT 1002 Centerpin Reel.  instead.

My first peg looked good but unfortunately no bites were forth coming and after two hours I called it a day. It was interesting though because Mick Doddy - an LBA member - came down for a while to get some idea of how to use a centerpin. Why he chose to watched me on the pin I will never know as I am shite.......pmsl. I gave Mick a stick float as he’s is going to supply me with some elder pith for float making. He also gave me some new lures to try.....Cheers Mick.

My first swim drew a blank.

I was off to a new peg when Mick left further upstream. My new peg was a shallow fast run, ideal for the Irwell sticks. On my fourth trot down" Boooooosh " My home made float hammered unde…