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Peanut & The Ginger Assassin Hit The River Yarrow

Both John and I finally got round to our River Yarrow trip.
We have both been looking forward to this for a long time as next to nothing is known
 ( by us ) about this little river. We were hoping for chub roach and dace but any fish from a new river would be most welcome.
We tackled up next to the van as it would be easier to do so. Once ready we walked over to the field which the river flowed though. As we approached the river John stopped dead in his tracks . . . . .

“ Is that Hogweed Mike “ ? “ Unfortunately yes it is mate “
I replied.

Hogweed is a horrible invasive species which gives u a very nasty burn . If it gets into your eyes it can actually blind you . . . . .
Horrid stuff ! ! ! !

Hogweed Burns

Click the link for more information on Hogweed

A little down hearted we fought through the Japanese Knot weed down to a VERY small wild river.  It was just my cup of tea. “ What d…

Silver Suprise - River Irwell Session With the " Ginger Assassin "

A planed trip with John Derbyshire to the Rivers Douglas & Yarrow did not happen due to “ John The Pussy Derbyshire “ Having been bitten by a fly while working on his landscaping business. John was quoting for a job in Middleton first thing in the morning and as soon as he fished he asked if I fancied a few hours on the River Irwell. “ Anything is better than nothing “ I thought...... Within 30 minutes we where at a local stretch of mine. I put John on a peg I new fished well last week and I headed further upstream hoping for some big chub. The river was very low and clear, so low I could wade out to the run I wanted to fish. Maggots and hemp were the baits plus a small amount of ground bait to tempt any small silver fish, if present. A 4 no8's “ Irk Stick “ was my float of choice.  These are great for trotting under the rod tip fishing with a pin on the drop.

I had a few exploritoritory trots down without bait on my hook to get a feel for the run. I was lucky. The run had no…

Opening Day Of The River Season 2016 -2017

Well . .  . Its here again. . . Boys and girls . . . . .  The opening day of the river season has arrived. I had decided on visiting my local club stretch “ Little Britain Anglers “ on the River Irwell in Radcliffe to see if I could winkle out a barbel or a chub. I quickly loaded myself up with my trotting kit and ambled over to peg one on my club stretch. There was an umbrella already stationed there and with a quick shout of  “ Hello “ A well know voice answered back “ Alright Cootesie. How you doing “ This is a sight as rare as a River Irwell barbel . . . . It was the Little Britain Anglers Chairman . . . Eric Owen . . .
To see Eric here is not unusual at all . . . . . But . . . . To see him fishing was a rare sight indeed. . . . Lol.
He was also after an Irwell Unicorn. . .  .
Without any luck so far. A few tentative plucks but no proper bites. We had a quick chat and decided I should try “ Barbel Bend “ the place of my only river Irwell barbel capture. I took a quick picture and…

JAYSS and Tinca Sticks - Love at first Bite !!!!!!!!!!

I have met lots of friendly blokes and good fishermen at Salford Friendly Anglers meetings in the past. One of these fine anglers being John or JAYS as he is known on facebook.

On Tuesday I received a message from John asking if I had finished a batch of floats.
 I have been making for him.
" The Tinca Sticks and Irwell Sticks are done pal but the pike and perch floats still need sorting “  I replied.
“ GREAT . I am desperate for the Tinca Sticks as my tench season is well underway.
Can we meet up soon “ ?

John lives in Stockport, I live in Whitefield so we arranged to meet about half way in Chadderton at a pub called The Boat & Horses right on the Rochdale Canal , an SFA stretch.
 I landed at the allotted time,16.15, and text John of my arrival. I was rummaging around in my boot looking for some floats when I heard a voice I have not heard for well over two months  “ Hellow Mike “........ It was John.
I hadn’t seen him in ages. We said our hellows as I was picking his Tinca…