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Salford Pete - Tinca Stick Christaning

First Day of The Season For Salford Pete.
Well, the day had finally arrived, my dad was finally going fishing. He has not been for a very long time and was very rusty by his own admission.
I had given him his own personally signed Tinca Stick the night before. It had a slight modification as I had made the tip a little wider than normal so he could see it better. His old mince pies arn' t as good as they once where.....or .....
I told him about a couple of nice pegs to try and left him rigging up the Tinca Stick I made........That's another story....pmsl......
He arrives at Unsworth Anglers waters...." The Cut ".as its affectionately known and starts to set up.
As you can imagine for some one who hasn't been fishing for a very long time he for got a few things. Bank stick for the keep net for one...... but he stuck the side of his net under his Aldi Foot Stool and carried on un - perturbed.
From the off Salford Pete was back in the game, cast, feed…

River Irwell Match - The SFA Lads Hit Town

River Irwell Bream......

Sunday was the Salford  Friendly Anglers gathering on the River Irwell in Lower Broughton and I was really looking forward to it as it was my first session on the river this season due to work and family commitments.
We were meeting at 4.30 next to the river . I gave Casterman a buzz to see if he had set off about  4.00 ish “ I am already here lad “ came the reply in a deep Lancastrian accent……..My car was already loaded and with a quick good by to  “ Salford Pete “  I was on my way to a bit of river I have been meaning to fish for years.
As I pulled up there were already 3 or 4 cars parked up………but where was Casterman ??????????? A quick phone call was made to assertain his location ……….. typical………….he was out rekeying the pegs to let other people know which pegs where worth fishing. 
I meet a few people I have talked to on face book but never met in person, Craig was there to , so we had a quick wonder upstream to give me a quick visual of the suggested len…

River Irwell Match - Lower Broughton

There will be a river Irwell match this Sunday at the bottom of Great Clowes street this Sunday. All in 17.30.

Casterman aka " Derek Kenyon will be organising it.
If you are doing nothing come down  see what we can winkle out of, what used to be the most polluted river in Europe !!!!!!

Please contact me via face book if interested as we need an idea of numbers to pick out the best pegs.
A full right up will be on next week.

Its free to join.
With just a couple of clicks of your mouse u can help us clean up the River Irwell. It will not cost you a penny.