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River Croal Chub - Another Adventure - October 2014

River Croal Chubbing - A First For The Peanut.

I've bee sensible lately and instead of burning all my brass on anew Drennan Acolyte I bought some Ron Thompson Neoprene Waders instead. I have needed these for a while. There is nothing worse when one of your pals tells u he has found a new banker peg and the dredded words come forth - but you need waders - well ..... I have now so ....... Up ya frock boys ...... :P

(Salford Pete said I look like an ageing )

I decided to try a new river to me - The Croal at Mosses Gate - This is a River Irwell tributary. I didn' Even know it was a seperate river - I got there about 14.00 and was set up for about 14.30.
Fishing with my trusty 14 ft daiwa connoisssuer X, centerpin reel, 6 NO 4 Stick float, 16s hook and 4lb main line I quite fanced my chances of a chub or to today.
 I had been offering some loose feed while settting up, hopefully, to get a fish first cast was not to be , but, not to worry ........…

River Irwell Chub - Waggler Fishing - 30/12/ 2014.

River Irwell Chub - Waggler Fishing.
I have been itching to have a dangle on this peg for a few weeks. Its situated on  on the middle river and is a section of the River Irwell that is feed by another body of water that is rich in natural food and also, oxygenates that part of the river.These are the two main reasons I wish to have a dangle in this area. It may be possible to fish it with a stickfloat but as I am " waggler rich " lol I will be using this method to try and extract a chub or may be an elusive mid river roach. Casterman has fished it from the other side many moons ago but to do that now would involve a LOT of strimming and cutting out, so, I will take the lazy boy route and fish it with a waggler.......this one to be precise.

A home made beauty. Lets hope it doesn't sink.....LMAO

Casterman informs me it was only shallow in 1892. That was when he first fished the peg......pmsl. ( But ignore the Irwell Master at your peril :-)
I have a feeling the feeder stre…

Float Making 2 - Inserted Wagglers.

Float Making 2
The picture below is of the first inserted waggler I have ever made. It is a Christmas present for "Roachman" ....... AKA Phil Clayton.

"Bloody Hell"........... I dropped it on the way to my car and chipped it. Lesson learnt. Do not transport newly made floats until they are fully hardend.

I will have to do a touch up jod for the Roachman!!!!!!!!!!

The photos don't do the float justice. I am over the moon with how they have turnd. Neilpeel has shown me the way regarding the eye issue on the base of the float  (cheers pal) they will look better than their shop bought brothers and hopfully last a LOT LONGER....WELL HAPPY .

Had to perform a small surgery on Phils float today. I ran out of sexy pink pal you will have to make do with fluorescent orange....

My first straight waggler using glow in the dark (GITD) yellow - looks the part.

The colur cmbination of the above looks the most pleasing to me. I think the glow in the dark yellow paint retails f…

Salford Friendly Anglers Cristmas Party

Salford Friendly Anglers Cristmas Party.
I did a bit of smoozing with the Mrs after my little drunken escapade at Eric Owens ManCave and attended the Salford Friendly Anglers Christmas Doo last night at The Kings Arms,Salford. Casterman very kindly volunteered to drive and we arrived in good time.

The pub has a very famous owner apparantly......Paul Heaton / House Martins / Beautifull South. Although "Happy Hour" is the only song we would wish to here in his establishment.......pmsl
Heineken  Export was my ruin for the night. A very agreeable tipple but at £3.90 a pint I wasn't going home rolling drunk.....good job 😉
After some club business regarding possible new venue aquisitons, rivers and canals, it was full steam ahead into the fishing quiz.
The Gathering. Not a free seat in the House........

Phil Clayton "Roachman" S.F.A. secutary was quiz master for the night. He is an absolute mine of information regarding anything…

Hand Made Wagglers and Sliders - Float Making Part 1.

Hand Made Wagglers and Sliders.

Well fellas,
The Mrs is non to happy with me to say the least. I have been a bad lad on the beer front  and am in the doghouse for the foreseeable future !!!!!!
On a brighter note I have been a busy little peanut trying to make up some large wagglers / sliders from scratch. Its not as easy as it sounds but i think I may have found some decent media to make them with.
My first attempts are for Sliders / Jumbo Wagglers for Salford Quays & the River Mersey.

Jesus 38 cms long..........suppose I could always spear them..........LOL

Currently using stainless steel wire wrapped around like a figure 8. A beaded snap swivel will be add to that for the finished product.

Next I will try stepped and then bodied wagglers. I will keep you all informed......I haven't even tested if they float yet........May be I should have tested that first .....pmsl.
I really enjoyed making these floats. I haven't done this since I was about 14 years old.........and the…

Salford Friendly Anglers. Membership

Salford Friendly Anglers Membership.
Right everyone this is very important.
Mike Duddy Chairman off Salford Friendly Anglers is signing up all new applicants NOW . If you have had trouble signing up in the past please, please, please sign up again and you will be in.
We are a pressure group so membership is extremely important to our organisation. THE MORE MEMBERS WE HAVE THE MORE CLOUT WE HAVE with government bodies, local councils and private industry.

Did I mention its FREE, yes FREE to join . We have 7 lakes, Salford Keys & Miles of the River Iwell.
If you want to catch fish like this on the Irwell then help us protect the river by joining us.
Irwell chub

Castermans PB Irwell chub below 😊

Irwell perch

Not the biggest Irwell roach bag by any means but its my first and
"Salford Pete" aka my old man caught his first ever River Irwell fish.

I the 1970's and 80's me and "Salford Pete" used look down at the river from Victoria Bridge and dream of fishin…