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PP007 Handcrafted Floats and Fishing Equipment -2019

Here is a new page for you all to look at for 2019.
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These seem very popular with my friends at the moment.
Straight, Inserted Sarkanda Wagglers.

Below are my first floats of 2019. I started these over the Christmas period in between projects. Not a matching set but all good to go. Three glow in the dark yellow perch bobbers plus a day glow orange one.
All with feather inlays.  All take 3AAA apart from the large one which is 6 AAA.

New Stick Floats - A Short Testing Session

After two of my mates cried off this weekend ( Shame on )  šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£ I didn't have a plan of where to go !!!!!
I have been struggling to get motivated to fish for quite some time now but I had to go and test out my new stick float so I chose to go local hope for the chub or the newly stocked silvers to show. The wind was up but I chose to use my Trudex pin coupled with an Acolyte Plus. I fancied fishing over depth slowing the bait right down using a large domed stick and the pin is great for this method. The first choice of swim I chose was a bad one. The swim had changed quite a lot since the last time I fished it.
It had a lot of depth but with changing currents steams and an eddy on the far side.....very difficult to get in a rhythm and keep your bait in one run. I did manage one trout........but this was the only bite I had in 45 minutes so I packed up and off to the next peg. This run was also very slow...... two bites..... two trout  !!!!!!!
but I was very ha…

Tench Float - Lollipop Lifter

I found myself staring at a slimline bodied waggler blank I had made over the Christmas period. My memory cast back to when myself and John Derbyshire fished a quiet northern tench lake a few years ago. We used tinca sticks on that occasion but I thought, as the lake was a rather deep one, a bodied waggler would be a nice tool to use next season if we visit. It is quite close quarters fishing on the lake so a sightbob waggler was a little overkill in my opinion so I chose to make something a little different. I have christened it a  " Lollipop  Lifter " as  " Salford Pete said it looked a bit like an ice lolly.....LOL šŸ¤£

Finished with burgundy paint and multiple fluorescent colours, plus gold, black and purple threads.
It takes approximately 6 AAA so the bait can get through the greedy perch shoals in the lake...... it its
" The Lollipop Lifter "
The last float of 2018.
šŸ˜ I think I will fish this as a slider......
It will be much easier just…