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Norfolk Reed Loaded G.I.T.D. Straight Waggler.

I have never worked with  " Norfolk Reed " before. So when I was very kindly offered some from a fellow float maker I was quite eager to have a play. I did, indeed, have a play but unfortunately the float has been left un-fishished for quite a few months. In the last few weeks I have re-visited this little project and finished of the job. It was a pretty straight forward build for me to be honest. I decided to load the this float to aid with balance while casting .
It will be fished mid river  in deep water on three wide stretches of the River Ribble, Weaver and the Mersey, may be even the Trent if I get my act together ay Jordan !
šŸ˜‰ I made the tip extra long so the float can be under shotted, the extra tip length above the water will also help dislodge the hook bait from small snags as it travels down stream along the river bed.
I decided to use blue as one of the main thread colours this time plus gold, black and violet.
Two feathers were added for decoration in the two …

Stick Float Roaching On The The River Ribble

A long awaited session on the River Ribble finally came off this week. I had arrange to meet
Pete Bell A.K.A  " Ribble Pete " A great float angler who knows the lower river like the back of his hand. I arrived at the river at 07.30 . . . . around an hour after sun up. " Ribble Pete "  was there since 06.00 with his usual set up. . .  Tip rod upstream and his stick rod in front. As I arrived Pete was netting a lovely roach of around 10 ounces. " Arite Miiiiike. Long time no see " Came the friendly reply in a broad Bolton accent from beneath the olive green umbrella. " Glad you made it Mike......they are really having it this morning surprising really as the river is well up but if it rise more than another six inches on top of what it is now it will kill the fishing so don't mess about and get fishing next to me.
Having received my instructions from the  Ribble float master . . . . . . .  I jumped on the peg upstream from Pete and was having an e…

Who's Been A Bad Lad On Ebay šŸ˜‚

Closed face reels are not for everyone. As a float angler however like them immensely. šŸ˜
These reels are great for catching silvers with on the float but they have a reputation of being poor for specimen fish due to the poor drag associated with the design.
This model may change all that though.
We shall see! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

All my other closed face reels are Abu's. I have a 506 M for finer fishing ( up to 3 lb line ) A 704 for medium fishing ( up to 5 lb line )
& I have just splashed out on an  Abu 507 Mk2. ( 5 lb plus . . . ) It's for barbel and big chub really and for just £45 new with three spare spools it was just to good a bargain for me to miss out on.
šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰ I much prefer a closed face reel for trotting in the wind.
Casting is much quicker and easier using this type of reel and it is easier to strike when stick fishing, for me anyway. A couple of my pals have 507 MK2 and have landed double figure barbel and 5 lb plus chub on it.



I am going to hav…

Inserted Feather Inlay Wagglers

A set of six inserted wagglers withe day glow pink and yellow tips, all with feather inlays.
These tend to be a summer float for me.  I use this patterm for fishing on the drop and up in the water on lakes and rivers. This particular set takes approximately 4AAA plus in weight each to cock the float.
Never any stress making these . . . .  In fact
its like therapy for me  Lol.

Until the next time. . . . . 

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