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A New Page Of Floats For You All To Look At. šŸ˜Š
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Just made this
" Chunky Straight Waggler ".
These are great for shallow water trotting when you need to slow the bait down dragging it along the bottom of the river bed.

This quartet of  " Large Glow In The Dark Carp Stalkers " are again made of reed. (one of my fav.materials at the moment) All floats are finished in black, gold, turquoise and violet thread.
This is my best work todate I think. šŸ˜šŸ‘

I am just putting the finishing touches on a new stick float. To be honest I broke the tip off a Slimline Avon float but instead of discarding it I decided to see what I could make of what was left. The stick float below is the answer and I quite like it.  šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

Here are some more floats I haven't made in an age  These three " Tinca Sticks "
More traditional then my current offerings these a…

Sight Bob Wagglers With Jay Feather Inlays In Metallic, Pearlescent Purple.

Hi all,
I hope you are all safe after these testing times we have all been going through.

My latest floats are .......

" Sight Bob Wagglers With Jay Feather Inlays In Metallic, Pearlescent Purple" I am trying to be descriptive in the title but it
doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does
I have recently been inspired by another maker ( You know who you are) to make a more up to date pattern regarding my skill set.

I love the end result of these floats but for me making them is a right pain.
 ( Probable why it's been a while since I made the last set)I don't know why they irritate me when making them but they do.....šŸ™„ The end result looks pretty good though even if i do so myself.
šŸ˜ Both of these floats are made from balsa and cane with jay feaher inlays, are coated in a bespoke, purple, metallic, pearlescent, acrylic paint finished with black, gold, violet and crimson whippings.
These Sight Bob Wagglers are approxmiately 30 centimetres long …

Two Pairs Of Straight Sarkanda Wagglers

I am addicted to using Sarkanda reed. šŸ˜ Below are two pairs of
Sarkanda Straight Wagglers.
These floats are made for still waters but will be happy trotting their way down a river. Threads used are turquoise, burgundy, black violet and gold. I real like the turquoise and burgundy thread colours.
I can still see these floats snaring an early season tench!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suspended bread
just off the bottom would be my choice with these floats I think.

Anyway, the end of fishing lock down is here.
Stay safe people & be sensible


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Inserted & Straight Crimson & Burgundy Wagglers.

Carrying on with my latest addiction. Below are a set of four  Burgundy Inserted Sarkanda Wagglers. I just love using this stuff. Finished in burgundy, crimson, black, violet and new rose gold threads and all with fluorescent day glow pink and orange tips.  These floats are slightly shorter than the last set I made coming in at and taking grams.
Being quiet slim these floats are for still water fishing with maggots, casters and small pellets etc. I think I will use these as on the drop roach floats for the coming summer.
I also had two spare straight wagglers so whipped them in similar colours. LOCK DOWN IS OFF FOR US FISHERMEN.


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Inverted Glow In The Dark Porcupine Quill.

I have been meaning to make one of these floats for a while but just never got round to it. Well,  I have had plenty of time in the last few weeks and made the float below. It is a very simple design showing off as much of the quill as possible but obviously glows in the dark to enable me to fish into the darkness. This pattern may be a more tradition version of my " Sneaky Lifter Float " I will need to test and see how the lift bits are indicated but I am fairly confidant that it will perform well.  I just hope it won't be a long wait.
Positioned next to a pair of standard  "Glow In The Dark Quills"  the difference in tip diameter is plain to see, therefore, sensitivity is increased.
This pattern would also be a great roach float in medium to slow rivers and I will be trying it  out on the River Ribble or Derwent when the season opens.
Glow In The Dark example pictures. I will have a few more larger versions of these inverted quills, with different paint desi…

Inserted & Straight Burgundy Sarkanda Wagglers

Hi All,

Below are two pairs of inserted and straight. "Sarkanda Wagglers",

Both pairs are finished in Burgundy,
gold, violet & black threads. The tips are finished in fluorescent pink & orange. These four are for fishing in Norfolk for tench, bream and roach but both sets have their place on rivers in the right conditions. More of these will be coming soon as Sarkanda reed is my current go to float material at the moment.
šŸ˜ Fingers crossed fishing will be one of the first pass times allowed after lockdown. Take care everyone.

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Rustic Slimline Avon

Hi all, On this latest float I have tried to intentionally age the float body giving it a two tone mottled brown effect.
Threads used are simply black & grey.
Both myself and my friends have tried this style of float out on a few occasions fishing for roach and dace. One criticism is that the bristle is a little long so I will bare that in mind in the future.
A future change may be the addition of a carbon stem to replace the aluminium one. The stem change will make the float more suitable for slower rivers

This float is going in my bag and will hopefully be tried out on some Yorkshire rivers after "LOCK DOWN"
fishing for roach and
(More of that in the future)

I am happy with the way it has turned out but a little apprehensive about reproducing it. If I can reproduce it to my satisfaction I will try and make a few more different floats in this style. We shall see.  šŸ˜


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