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River Irwell Chub - Hand Crafted Stick Floats Vs Shop Bought - Who Will Win ?

Peanut & The Casterman Handcrafted Stick Floats Vs Shop Bought.

I didn't know where to go fishing this morning, first it was the River Croal then I decided on the River Tame. Just as I was about to leave home for the Tame I got a call from The Castsrman. " Where are you off to Peanut " he states in a broad bury accent. I told him I wasn't sure and what were his thoughts on the matter . "Any where will be as bad as the next Peanut. We have had some snow on the hills last night so any extra water coming down will be freezing cold, but at least there is some colour in her, that's one saving grace " he replies. We decided on a secret stretch that we fish rarely, you can fit three people on this run so there was more than enough room.

Rigged up and ready to rock and roll........

A great time saver on the bank is to rig up your stick floats  ""Pole Float Style"

I arrived first and had pick of the pegs. I opted for one opposite a lar…

Stick Float Fishing Highs & Lows With The Casterman

Another Stick Float Test By The Casterman.
Friday I finised work earlier than normal when on my way home I received a call from my pal to see if I fancied coming to watch him throw one of my new stick floats around the River Irwell .....  lol so ........straight from work I walked along the peg to where the Casterman was fishing. He didn't hear me approach and I keept quiet as I noticed a healthy bend in his rod. The line was singing as the fish put even more pressure on the line and his trusty Daiwa 125M. One of my floats which I had giffted to C.M. was also dacing and bobbing around as the fish kited and board further down stream." I'm good luck for you I am " I said as he pumped the fish slowly upstream  " Your right there Peanut " came the reply. " I've been here for over an hour and I've had nowt up until this fish As I got in position to take some action shots the Casterman realises the fish is foul hooked in the tail.  I'm n…

Float Making Demonstration - Salford Friendly Anglers

S.F.A. Meeting.  Float making Demonstration.

It was with some trepidation when I clocked out of work on Wednesday 18th February 2015 that was the night of my float making demonstration for Salford Friendly Anglers. Michael Duddy - our club chairman - can be  very persuasive at times, two weeks ago for example when I receive a PM from Mr Duddy stating :
 " I have put you down for a float making demo on the 18th of Feb....ok pal "

Now, as you all know I only started making my own floats at Christmas and an expert I most certainly am not,  especially lecturing to the very people I have admired over the last couple of years such as Michael himself

AKA " Manchester Fishing Fiend "

David Parr AKA " The Meddy Man "

Adam Mack
" Manchester Percheur "

 not to mention " The Casterman " & " Bald Eagle " so , we can safely say.......I was a shittin my pants
Good old Salford Pete said he …

HAND CRAFTED FLOATS 2014 - 2016 - Float making By The Peanut.

Here are some pictures of my hand crafted floats & Fishing Equipment.

For 2017 floats please click the link below

A pair of Barbel Sticks with the addition of golden thread for an Irwell run I still have not attempted to fish yet !!!!!

Here is a little something for Andrew and Catherine Boyne for making me such a beautiful big fish rod.

" The Creature Reacher "

A pair of Pike Pencils

Both sporting Pearlescent Jay Feather Inlays and double golden tipets.
Lets hope you both get a few big crocs on these. 😉

A variety pack.
Two Irwell Sticks. Two Loafers and a Tinca Stick. For someone who has fell in love with fishing once more.
Enjoy my friend . 😊

I have wanted to make a traditional stepped waggler for quite some time and have recently purchased some new threads, so, a per usual I started a pair th…