Float Making Demonstration - Salford Friendly Anglers


S.F.A. Meeting.
 Float making Demonstration.

It was with some trepidation when I clocked out of work on Wednesday 18th February 2015 that was the night of my float making demonstration for Salford Friendly Anglers. Michael Duddy - our club chairman - can be 
very persuasive at times, two weeks ago for example when I receive a PM from Mr Duddy stating :

 " I have put you down for a float making demo on the 18th of Feb....ok pal "  omg........lol

Now, as you all know I only started making my own floats at Christmas and an expert I most certainly am not, 
especially lecturing to the very people I have admired over the last couple of years such as Michael himself

AKA " Manchester Fishing Fiend "

David Parr AKA " The Meddy Man "

Adam Mack
" Manchester Percheur "

 not to mention " The Casterman " & " Bald Eagle " so , we can safely say.......I was a shittin my pants ......lol.

Good old Salford Pete said he would drive so we picked up the bald one as set off for Salford which is about a 20 minute drive away. We arrived without incident to find the place quite full and ........... the nerves started to kick in.

Me and the Old Man.

The club had a very big piece of news to give to the dedicated members present at the meetinng. 

Salford Friendly Anglers now control the fishing rights to 12 miles of the Rochdale Canal from the centre of Manchester to the locks at The Rose of Lancaster in Middleton ensuring free fishing for all so long as you are a member of Salford Friendly Anglers, which is free to join by the way. This is a fantastic piece of news as a lot of free fishing has been taken over by private clubs.

The Rose Of Lancaster - Middleton

Club business rolled on as it started getting later and later " We are running out of time here " I thought and I
had a secret smile to my self, not so secret apparently as the Bald Eagle smiled back at me and mouthed " You 
won’t get away with it you know. That Duddy will have you up in a bit ",
"  Bugger ",
  I thought. I had hoped I would have got off with it !!!!!!!!!

Sure enough @ 21.45 Mr Duddy announces me and I have to get up and lecture to
 twenty plus people, some of which I have been reading about on their blogs for the last seven years.
 I must say I was taken back with regards to the encouragement,  compliments and general interest that ensued. I talked 
about waggler construction from balsa wood. This is the easiest material to use initially and is very 
for giving to the  beginner. I rambled on about the does and don’ts of paint application and various other technical aspects and eventually concluded my talk. Truly to my surprise a rapturous applause ensued from all members, they actually like it , bloody hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me with My Eyes Shut.....lol

A Better Picture Of Me In Full Flow Stroking My Wood !!!!!!!!!!!

With a big smile on my face I began to pack away my props when Mike Duddy came over and congratulated me .

“ Thanks Mike, you have made it possible for the members present to have a go at making floats themselves.Thanks for coming and giving our members the confidence they need to go forward with this if they wish “.

Some of my hand crafted float collection

That made my night, and here’s me worried about it all. Thanks for having me fellas. I may do another one, more in depth next time.

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