Stick Float Fishing Highs & Lows With The Casterman


Another Stick Float Test By The Casterman.

Friday I finised work earlier than normal when on my way home I received a call from my pal to see if I fancied coming to watch him throw one of my new stick floats around the River Irwell .....  lol so ........straight from work I walked along the peg to where the Casterman was fishing. He didn't hear me approach and I keept quiet as I noticed a healthy bend in his rod. The line was singing as the fish put even more pressure on the line and his trusty Daiwa 125M. One of my floats which I had giffted to C.M. was also dacing and bobbing around as the fish kited and board further down stream." I'm good luck for you I am " I said as he pumped the fish slowly upstream  " Your right there Peanut " came the reply. " I've been here for over an hour and I've had nowt up until this fish As I got in position to take some action shots the Casterman realises the fish is foul hooked in the tail.  I'm not supprised he was struggling with it. As he is just about to slip the net under a very plump Irwell chub the hook pulled out. " Bollocks " I think where the words he used, then I realised why. Not only had he lost a very good chub, the hook pull had catapulted his new float up into the branches of the nearest tree. He didnt even try to retreive it. " Don't worry I wil get it tomotrow, its going know where ".......Casterman then sets up again using one of his pre- prepared rigs in his bag and he is away fishing again in 5 minutes.

The next 40 mins where quiet to the point of boaring......So I phone  Bald Eagle and talked him through Castermans " Clampit " moment. He was on loud speaker so all three if us had a good laugh at Castermans expence and we ended the conversation promissing that we would all get out together  before the season ends.Five minutes after I put the phone down the Casterman springs to life slamming his rod back from right to left........" Im in " came the triumphant cry from below me. " Don't loose this one pal its going on my blog " I said hoping to give him some extra focus.........Sure as eggs the fish is in the net in a few minutes. She woke up near the net but Casterman was having none if it after the previous loss and bullied her straight in and he held her up to the camera for a great picture. 

" Get this sent to The Balled Bird,  he wont be taking the piss out if me now " chirped  Casterman and we both fell about laughing.......

Bald Eagle

I had to go after that fish as I was due home. 

Great to get out and watch a friend fish even when I carnt

Casterman is out for a short session tomorrow. I will let you all know what happens.

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