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Manchester Perch Hunt Part 2

A long awaited trip saw me trundle off down the M62 motorway to meet Neil Johnson for a perch hunt we organised a quite a while ago.
I got up late so the traffic was terrible on the motorway but I arrived . . . . eventually . . . .at Neils perch pool.  I had not seen Neil for over 12 months so we said are hellos and quickly caught up with things . . . .he makes a lovely cuppa which we had two of while we swapped a few fishy tales while setting up our kit.
Not to mention a bacon buttie !!!!!!!!
They like to take care of themselves these specimen boys don't they
 ! ! ! ! !
We were live baiting for perch today using my larger perch bobers.
I was named as
 " Head bit basher "
and was in charge of catching the live bait we were to be using for this session while Neil chucked a few lures about.
My bait tray consisted of pinkies and a little ground bait.
Just what you would expect to catch some small silvers on.
I resisted the temptation to use a pole and chos…

A New Pike Float For " The Pike Whisperer "

If you are a fisherman especially a pike fisherman from Manchester this kid needs no introduction.
" Kayden McCarthy "
Is a member of Salford Friendly Anglers and  an exceptional young Pike angler. Like all young keen fisheman he is on the banks more than most adults and as we all know only too well........
location is key !!!!!!!!!

In the last few years Kayden has caught some massive crocs from the inner Manchester canal systems.

At the Salford Friendly Anglers Christmas doo after Kayden has won the

" Fish Of The Year "
For the second time.
( A feet un-acheived by any adults I might add )
I thought I would ask his opinion on a new pike float I had made.
As I showed him his eyes lit up . . .

" You can have this if you like m8 "
I added, glad I could help the lad out.

" Mike, its lovely, but, for the canal . . . .
Its . . . . . .
TOO LONG . . . "
we both said laughing in unison.
I had made the new pike float for reservoir fishing so…

Manchester Perch Hunt PART 1 - A New Bobber.

It has been decades since I have been on a proper perch hunt and since I have been making a lot of bobbers lately I thought I would have a bash once more. 😊 I have also been concentrating on the simple things with regards to my float making such as tidying up my lines.
There is always room for improvement and that has been my mission for some time now.
The float below made me smile whilst making it.
Everything went to plan for a change.
No sidewinders or surprises.
It went like clock work from start to finish.
Wish they could all be like that. . . .
🤣 " It is just another of your large bobbers " . . . .

I here you say........which is true but it is probably the sharpest and neatest bobber I have made. Hopefully you will see what I mean when you observe the close up photographs. This will be the live bait float on the perch hunt.
Luckily a friend of mine Neil Johnson has offered to take me out perching when I am fit and well again.
So I will be getting a little help re…

Inserted wagglers with Feather Inlays

Inseted Wagglers are great around floats. Most anglers will have used these for years in many different guises
Great on still waters or rivers. I will always have a selection of these in my bag.

These floats can be used for most situations from pellet and maggot fishing on commercial fisheries to big river fishing

I use mine mainly on rivers in the summer fishing up in the water, on the drop with maggots, casters and hemp to tempt silver fish such as roach, dace and chub.

The set below has been made in specific sizes and colours for various situations.
I hope you like them.
A day out on Inserted Wagglers with
The Casterman.

The full blog. ( an old one )

A modest 10 lb catch of
river roach
I don't mine TOO much when I get schooled off " The Casterman " 😕 16 lb  of roach Never mined the lucky result Derek. The floats worked a treat. 😉

Until the next time. . . . .