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" The Creature Reacher " A Custom Made, Hand Built Float Rod By Andrew " The Wizard " Boyne

I have been lucky enough to meet many talented people over the last two years. A chap called “ Andrew Boyne “ was one of these such people. Andrew is a talented angler and has a 15lb plus River Ribble barbel to his name.
Not to mention the River Irwell brown trout record with a 10 lb plus fish. Andrew and I did a little testing on the Ribble one day when I noticed one of Andrew lovely tip rods.

“ Where did you get that rod “ I asked?

“ I built it myself Mike, here, have a proper look “.

I did just that and it was looòovely.

I have made a few rods in the past but nothing like this.

“ Do you like it Mike ?  I’ll make you one if you like " !!!!!!!! I nearly fell off my chair !!!!!!!!!!!

Are you serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!
" Deadly "
 came Andews forthright reply.

Over the next few weeks we had numerous conversation regarding my style of fishing, venues I fish and my requirements for the new rod build
At first I decided on a shorter rod, a purely big fish tool. The fi…

New Float Pattern For Me - A Five StepppedTreble Feather Inlay, Inseted Waggler

I have wanted to put my mark on a traditional stepped inserted waggler for quite some time now but I never seemed to get round to it.
Recently I purchased various new threads,  so, as per usual I started a pair then put them to one side them so I could re-visit them at my leisure.  Eventually I got round to whipping them just as my new threads arrived. 
Good timing aye !!!!!!!
This pattern lends itself to more than one feather and as you have probably guessed I like a feather or two on my floats. 
I tried a little free styling and came up with the design below. 
I am not 100 % happy with it as there are a few minor changes I would make but all in all not a bad result for my first attempt at a  . . . . .  . 
Traditional  Treble Feather Inlay Stepped  Inserted Waggler .
It is a general float for all different types of species but lends itself to maggot and caster style of fishing
I hope you like it.  😊

and the green one.

And finally the prototype pair.

I shall be making some more of t…