" The Creature Reacher " A Custom Made, Hand Built Float Rod By Andrew " The Wizard " Boyne

I have been lucky enough to meet many talented people over the last two years.
A chap called “ Andrew Boyne “ was one of these such people.
Andrew is a talented angler and has a 15lb plus River Ribble barbel to his name.
Not to mention the River Irwell brown trout record with a 10 lb plus fish.
Andrew and I did a little testing on the Ribble one day when I noticed one of Andrew lovely tip rods.

“ Where did you get that rod “ I asked?

“ I built it myself Mike, here, have a proper look “.

I did just that and it was looรฒovely.

I have made a few rods in the past but nothing like this.

“ Do you like it Mike ?  I’ll make you one if you like " !!!!!!!!
I nearly fell off my chair !!!!!!!!!!!

Are you serious !!!!!!!!!!!!!

" Deadly "

 came Andews forthright reply.

Over the next few weeks we had numerous conversation regarding my style of fishing, venues I fish and my requirements for the new rod build
At first I decided on a shorter rod, a purely big fish tool. The first build was a beautifully 12 foot rod with purple and gold diamond wraps across the but section but Andrew being the perfectionist that he is was not happy with it but he drove down to show me the rod anyway.
 We put a bend in the blank......it could stop a horse !!!!!!

I’m not happy with this blank Mike. I am thinking of changing it to a
Harrison GTI SU. Do some research yourself and let me know your thoughts. It will be replacing your Acolyte Plus.

" The Harrison will give you the performance you want and the look I am after.
The blank I am thinking of getting is a special order from Harrison's.
It will be a full gloss black blank so the contrast to the gold tippets will be even more intense.
That was music to my ears........but I still didn’t want to give the rod I held in my hand back to him.....

“ Give it here Peanut. The one you will be getting will be much better than this “ laughed Andrew.

Reluctantly I handed back the rod with its lovely diamond cross wrap and I watched Andrew dive off. I was gutted.........but excited at the same time.

It didn't take me long to gather some information. A quick couple of calls to people in the know and I whole hartedly agreed with Andrews new choice of blank.

The Harrison blanks are famous for their quality and i was getting an SU which stands for  Stepped Up “ version of the GTI range.

It will stop a tank.......

Just what I need for my style of fishing. Very similar to the Acolyte Plus but
MORE powerful. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I took delivery of this rod yesterday , 24th December 2016.

We were both mad busy getting family sorted for Christmas but we both found time to meet up.
“ Hiya Mike. Are you ready for your new Christmas present “ said Andrew with a mahooosive grin on his face.
“ Yes mate come in quick so I can see it “.
“ I have a surprise for you to mate.......look.......
Andrew turned the rod bag round to reveal a beautiful customised badge on the front.
Woooow.....that's lovely Andy.

He then proceeds to take out my
new toy.

I stared in wonderment at the rod he held in his hands.

We had both deliberated over names for the rod and settled on ........

“ Creature Reacher “

As I fully intend to catch some Irwell lumps with it and will be my new big fish river rod.
( Lets hope I can live up to its name )

 ( The Acolyte Plus is in second place to this new creation I am afraid )
The cork handle is a work of art on its own........

Three different cork grades, a swanky Fuji reel seat and a gold but plug. The blank makers name and spec. Golden graphics with my name, the rods name and ...........

“ Boyne's Custom Rods “ 
 written on the but piece.

Finished off with purple whippings and gold tippets.
It really is a thing of beauty . . . . . . I don't want to get it dirty.....lol

 I never thought I would see let alone own a rod that puts the Acolyte Plus in the shade...........

Well this does and its got my name on it !!!!!!!!!!!!

My first impression regarding my new Purple Wand was that it is the most powerful float rod I have ever held. Its a little heavier than the Acolyte Plus but there has to be a trade off I suppose.  All that power has to come from somewhere !!!!!!!

I am looking forward to test it in the next couple of weeks on the Ribble, hopefully with Andrew and Casterman.

I am over the moon with my new wand.

Thank you "Mr Wizard "

Here is a link to Boyne's Custom Rods.


Until the next time . . .

 TTFN . . . .


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