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Just made this
" Chunky Straight Waggler ".
These are great for shallow water trotting when you need to slow the bait down dragging it along the bottom of the river bed.

This quartet of 
" Large Glow In The Dark Carp Stalkers "
are again made of reed.
(one of my fav.materials at the moment)
All floats are finished in black, gold, turquoise and violet thread.

This is my best work todate I think.

I am just putting the finishing touches on a new stick float.
To be honest I broke the tip off a Slimline Avon float but instead of discarding it I decided to see what I could make of what was left.
The stick float below is the answer and I quite like it. 

Here are some more floats I haven't made in an age
 These three
" Tinca Sticks "
More traditional then my current offerings these are designed for tench fishing, usually at close quarters but these three are much longer so they can be used for general fishing.

Another version of the tench floats I make are the 
" Glow In The Dark Tinca Sticks "

Here we have a five float set of 
Carp Stalkers

Stained shallow water stick floats.

decided to go back to basics with this stick.
This float has a white and red tip, a plain body with black and grey whippings.
After all the fancy painted ones I quite enjoy looking at the simplicity of this design.
This one is in my roving bag ready for the next Irwell session.......

I have had to have another crack at  this pattern as 
" The Casterman "
decided to snap his in two the last time he was out dangling !!!!!!!
I didn't have any paint to hand so opted for a wood stain instead.

Below are a pair of river wagglers I have made from sarkanda reed.
Tips are day glow red and orange, both in Pearlescent red.

Its the first time I have made
Segmented Glow In The Dark Porcupine Quills.
These three will be spending there life in Sweden chasing big crucians and tench.

While I have been off work I have managed to finish a few on going projects.
Here is the latest,
Straight Still Water Wagglers.
Two red/ pink and one orange.

And a river version with an elongated tip.

I have made this set of five
 7 Inch Two-Tone Inserted Wagglers
for fishing close for general fishing on small baits.

As you all know 
my stick float fishing, especially on the pin so I have made a few more for silver fishing up to approximately seven foot deep.

I treated a friend to a new float.
He wanted a straight waggler so I knocked up a standard one....then.....thought.......
hold on, I can do better than that so I made him a 
" Two Tone Straight Waggler "

I have not made any porcupine quills for some time now so when I was asked to make one for my club chairman I decided to make a few extra.

As you all know I like bright colours and a bit of bling on the tackle I make.
On this occasion I decided to turn it down a few notches and go more traditional !!!!
This float tube has been stained, bringing out the grain to achieve an older, more traditional look.
This treble banded and double feather inlayed float tube is made from pine with a brass tag cap on the lid plus brass centring pins and latches

I am still getting the hang of tube making.
Here is my latest offering.
Tube No5.
This treble banded and double feather inlayed float tube is made from pine with a brass tag cap on the lid plus brass centring pins and latches

I just found a pair of river wagglers I hand left un-finished from last year.

This waggler has a white central band, threads used are black, gold, violet, and crimson.
The pearlescent metallic paint use is
Gothic purple.

I have been immersed in work lately so floats and fishing have taken a back seat unfortunately.
Here are a pair of quills i have managed to finish.

I have just made a few more roach sticks for the river,
These can also double up as a silvers pole float for commercial still water fisheries.
The four below are very much like the originals but with a longer, thinner insert.
I hope you like them.

When I spot horse-chestnuts on the forest floor I know its time to start looking for the big shoals of silvers on the rivers.
Unfortunately the amount of rain fall we have had lately has stopped me from going out.
Here are two floats I have recently made for just this occasion.
A pair of
Two Tone Inserted Wagglers in pearlescent , metallic blue.
I hope you like them.

I was recently asked to make a very specific set of ......
Inserted Wagglers.
These are by no means ground breaking but, over the years I have found it he little changes in your set up that help with bite detection.
This change was a simple one and its all about the tip.

Grayling Bobbers with an aluminium shaft.

These are finished in fluorescent red / pink and orange with black, gold and purple thread plus a jay feather for decoration.

Slimline Roach Avons for Casterman & Ribble Pete

" Casterman "
" Derek Kenyon "
requested a favour just after Christmas .......
 a pair of floats.
He required a cross between a standard avon style and a bolognese float.
I had a play around with some bits of left over balsa and came up with the pair below.

Two new small
"Irwell Sticks"
One straight, one stepped.

Both of these are for
"John Derbyshire"
and will be used mainly for grayling and chub fishing.
Taking 4 -5 no 4 shot these will be great for the shallow spate rivers he fishes.

The next styles to be up-graded are the  " Domed Alloy Stick " & the  " Inserted Alloy Stick Float"
Here are the new
Float Tubes in pine
for my pike sliders.
I hope you like them.

A prial of 5 BB
" Ivory Avons "
Sporting balsa bodies plus cane tips & stems.
The tips are all fluorescent day glow orange and
the threads used were black violet and gold.

I quiet like the look of these and will be making a few more in various colours in the near future both with cane and alloy stems.

A set of
" Sight Bob Wagglers "
with metallic, pearlescent blue paint
plus gold, violet and black whippings.

Larger straight wagglers this week.
3 -5 AAAA ish.

A pair of 6 AAA balsa / cane
 perch / grayling
Great for small live baits or for fast runs on running water.
Both finished in day glow red/ pink with black gold and violet whippings.
I have used my old trudex as a prop . . . .
plus some purple velvet . . . . .
which I quite like.

I have made some small wagglers based on the
" Carp Stalker "
This prial are longer than the standard stalkers taking a little more shot.
Tips are day glow orange,
Glow in the dark yellow
Designed for general fishing with bigger baits like bread worm and pellet but I use mine for fishing on the drop in 3 - 4 feet of water on the Ribble and Mersey using a bunch of maggots or bread
A comparative picture with a 
" Carp Stalker "
on the far left of the picture.

Below are a set of three
" Retro Porcupine Quills "
Black being a new addition.
The other two are in the same colours as my original set.
I have finally managed to make a 
day glow fluorescent purple paint. 
It is not a deep blue purple but it is as good as I can create with the raw materials available.
I have only made a couple of patterns, both straight wagglers in this colour. 
One is the new 
Carp Stalker pattern below.
The yellow float is a
" Glow In The Dark "
Another addition to my 
" Carp Stalkers "
Glow In The Dark version.
I have made the first one in the original thread colours,
black, metallic gold and two shades of violet.
Recently I have taken a liking to using ivory paint on some of my more recent float patterns.
Another pattern I have been meaning to make in this colour is the
Bodied Antenna.
A usefull float when bites are a little finerky.

This set of five
"  Straight Sarkanda Wagglers "
are soomewhere in the middle in regards to size, unloaded this time and made for more general fishing.
" Margin Carp Stalker "

This one is my first and is 
13 cm or 5 " in length.
The threads used where black, metallic gold and two shades of violet plus a small brass eye.

Busy with these at the moment . . . . but I love making them.
My favourite float . . . 

" The Irwell.Stick "
Day glow red / pink is the indicating tip colour paired with a white contrast band.
The thread chosen was black, scarlet, purple and gold.
The base was loaded to aid casting distance an balance.

I have just completed a new 

" Balsa, Domed Stick Float
With An Alloy Stem "
I have given this particular float a day glow red/ pink tip and a white contrast band plus black, scarlet and violet whippings.
The dome is twice the width of a standard
 " Retro Stick Float " 
to enable use with bigger baits or for trotting at distance.
Great if your eyes are not the best . . . . . . . . 
 like mine !!!!!!!
Making these floats however makes the air blue in my house they are that difficult and time consuming to make but I finally have a pair of

" Dutch Rudd Floats "
To show you.

A set of six inserted wagglers withe day glow pink and yellow tips,
all with feather inlays.

A Retro Cork, Sight Bob Pike Float in day glow orange with black, purple and gold whippings.

Inserted Feather Inlay Wagglers.
Great on still waters or rivers.
I will always have a selection of these in my bag.
These floats can be used for most situations from pellet and maggot fishing on commercial fisheries to big river fishing
 10 lb of river roach caught on one of the above.

I have been meaning to make some of these floats for a VERY long time.

The Porcupine Quill is another pattern that reminds me very much of those long summer days spent a the local lodge with your mates.
A pair of Retro Porcupine Quills taking 2 - 3 BB approximately.
I love the look of these porcupine stemmed bobbers. 
This is the second one I have made now and have really enjoyed making it.

Here is my version of my favourite float as a child.
A small balsa perch bobber.
The original was small than the one I have made taking about 3 BB.

I don't make many cork pike floats and fancied trying a blend of styles mixing new with old so, with that in mined I have made my first attempt at a new pattern.
Below is a  . . . . 

Cork Boddied In-Line Pike Bobber.

These small bobbers take approximately 3AAA and can be used for perch, grayling and jack pike using maggots, casters, small worms and live fry etc.

A sliding perch bobber.
This one is finished in orange, has a jay feather inlay and a purple pearlescent finish
and . . . . .
Is for a very influencial person that has helped me get my fishing head back on in the last few years.
Enjoy my friend.

Here are three live bait perch bobbers.
All with feather inlays
The yellow bobber is a
" G.I.T.D. "
( Glow in the dark )
All three take approximately 6 AAA depending on how sensitive the set up requirments are.
They do work. . . . Lol
Neil Johsons fish from a session last week.
3 lb dead.

A small thank you to someone who sent me a copy of this wonderful book.
A small 3AAA bobber with a feather inlay.

The first chubber I made was a bit of a beast taking 7 swan shot  . . . . so . . .  . I thought I would make a couple of pairs for general and light fishing.
Below is the smallest of the new chubbers.
This pair does not have any coloured paint on the body apart from the white and Pink / yellow fluorescent on the tips. 
All the rest of the floats colour is produced by thread which are . . .
Violet & Blue.

My new chubbers are made from balsa, birch and is hand turned on my lathe. 
( A tool I am still very much a beginner on ).
Finished in metallic pearlescent blue, a white shoulder and a fluorescent red/ pink tip.
The whippings on this particular float are gold, black, blue and violet.
A shoulder has been incorporated into this pattern to give it a little more sensitivity as well as looking aesthetically pleasing.

These four heavy balsas were designed for barbel and chub fishing in pacey stretches of the River Wye, a river I, personally never fished. 
A situation I will address in the near future.......hopefully.

As promised, this is the big brother version of the 
17g Reversible Pike Pencil I made a couple of weeks ago.
The floats are approximately 22cms long with 
Glow In The Dark Yellow tips 
Day Glow Fluorescent Orange Tips.

They also have a hollow center to allow the floats to be used as sliders, therefore, fishable at any depth.
Great for any deep, fresh water pedator fishing.
Here is a comparison picture of the 17g float vs the 30 g float.

A first for me.
Below is my first
Inline Perch Bobber. It also has glow in the dark paint and a double feather inlay.
It is the same size as my standard bobbers which are 
3 - 6 AAA  depending on how you would like it shotted.

Next is a Reversible, Glow In The Dark, Feather Inlay, Sliding Pike Pencil.
Any colour combination can be used.
I personally think a glow in the dark yellow and a simple black will cover 95% of conditions.
This one is only a baby at around 17 grams but there are two more bigger ones that are around 30g each under construction.

Below are a set of five Feather Inlay Inserted Wagglers.

All of the floats have different feather inlays for a little bit of variation.

Here are a pair of  . . .
Glow In The Dark, 
Inserted Wagglers With Pearlescent Gold Jay Feather Inlays.

The larger of the two takes about 6 BB and the smaller around 4 BB.

Metallic Pearlescent Green
Metallic Pearlescent Egg Shell Blue
Metallic Pearlescent Blue
Metallic Pearlescent Royal Red
and Classic Peanut Purple.

Here we have a ............
“ Glow In The Dark, Feather Inlay,
Sight Bob Waggler ".

I have been asked to make a black version of my standard Perch Bobber.
I have added some gold thread to give the float a little contrast as well as the standard purple and black plus a pair of pink bands on the tip
I think it works quite well.
What do you think ?

A set of 5
Oval Sight Bob Wagglers finished in pearlescent, metallic blue coupled with
 black , purple & metallic gold whipping.
Alloy Stemed Oval Avon With A Feather Inlay & Pearlescent blue paint.

This is a maggot, caster and bread punch float for roach on slow to medium running water.
Sporting a metallic, pearlescent blue body with
black, purple and gold whippings. It has a jay feather inlay and an alloy stem to give the float increased balance and stability.

Full Length Glow In The Dark
" Tince Sticks "

Straight Feather Inlay wagglers.

A pair of small, Sight Bob Wagglers in 
Metallic, Pearlescent Blue and Purple.

Four, Pearlescent, Feather Inlay Irwell Sticks
destined for the River Ribble.

A pair of Perch Bobbers.
Black and pink variations.

A quartet of medium....
Sight Bob Wagglers.

I have made a nice pair of fluorescent orange and green Perch Bobbers ready to go searching for the sergeants on the River Ribble.

My river pb is only small, just over a pound so I am confidant I can brake it this autumn. 😊

A quartet os Feather Inlay Barbel Stick Floats.
Great for bigger baits in more turblent runs.

A pair of Un-loaded, Feather Inlayed, Specie Wagglers. 

These are for mainly for pellet and bread fishing on the Ribble. I haven't use these in anger yet. The pegs on the ribble should be getting their full attention when the levels are right. 
 Not dry enough for today's outing.....may be next week they will get a baptism......

A pair of Light, Feather Inlay, Retro Stick Floats.
These take around 5 no 4's. 

The paint work on these Sight Bob Wagglers is metallic, pearlescent blue with the top of the stem in plain white, finished with a fluorescent day glow colour apart from the black float.
All whippings are in black and purple and take approximately 5 SSG ( 8 g )

These should do the business John Derbyshire !!!!!!

I have been experimenting with other glow in the dark paints. Most of which have been quite poor. The exception to the rule is shown in the picture below. The blue glow in the dark paint has a very nice contrast to the yellow. All though not the best day glow and aesthetically pleasing colour
( to me ) the night glow contrast is what I have been searching for.

 A quartet of . . .
Large Irwell Sticks.
The largest takes around 3AAA.
These floats have all but replaced my chubers although I do still make a few.
The Large Irwell Stick holds a steady line when holding back.
Chubbers tend to kit around a little when I have used them.

These are for a fast gravel run which looks very barbely...😉

Two Retro Feather Inlay Stick floats.

I have up-graded my . . . .

" Sneaky Lifters " with a little fokd thread and finer silk !!!!!!!
 I think it is quite striking but I will let you decide for your selves.

" Sneaky Lifters " 
are designed for shy biters where a little finesse is required and used in conjuction with a variation of the lift method.

A challange to make a
" Sith Pacemaker "
The float is finished in 
Black pearleacent Paint
Whippings are
Metallic red
black & purple
The feather has a purple pearlescent.

The Trilogy.........
From left to right . . .
Skywalker, Sith & A Yoda Pacemaker. 😂

I only just realised that the previous two had some Jedi traits !!!!!!!!!
I found this project fun  and it got my mind working.
I may try another themed float if I get the urge

NEW !!!!!!!!!
" Sith "
Alloy, Inserted, Shouldered Stick Float.

My new Pacemaker.
It has a yellow, black and white tip, purple and gold whippings with a metallic green  body. Framed between the two green body sections js a jay feather inlay.

I hope you all like it. 😊

While having a brew in Elton Tackle I was asked by Craig Lutener if I could make him a swing tip, not an old fashioned one but one made of carbon. He requested that the indication band be built up wider than the carbon to aid visibility. 
He stipulated that the bands MUST glow in the dark as he will be fishing in low light, mornings and nights.

One last request was to and I quote . . . . . 

" And put some of your fancy whippings on it to Cootesie "
Lol !!!!!!!!
So, armed with all the information I proceed to have a play around with designs and and eventually came up with a design I was happy with.

I decided on a dual banded design with glow in the dark yellow paint, gold and purple whipping separating the two yellow sight bands and purple whipping up the main body of the tip.

I have up  graded my . . . .

" Sneaky Lifters "

People say its the little things that make all the difference and I believe it is true with regards to my Sneaky Lifter Floats.

I have replaced some of my black silk to a finer grade and also replaced some of it with metallic gold. The foats that have a yellow segment also glow in the dark. 😊

 I think it is quite striking but I will let you decide for your selves.

I have been asked to make a. . . .

" Medium To Heavy Wire Stemed Avon "

for winter maggot & caster fishing , mainly for the the River Ribble &
 River Dove.
I have tried to cover all bases with this float and make it a multi-tasker.

Requirements were 3 -4g (4 - 5 AAA ish ) with an alloy stem.

A quartet of

" Tinca Sticks "

( I have a new glow in the dark vesion of these coming soon. 😉 )

A trio if Inserted Wagglers in yellow, pink & green.
A little different from my previous design with only two black lines over the white.
4, 6,  & 9 BB respectively.

Throw back Thursday.

One of my old Inserted Wagglers has had a referb.
I never use this one much so I thought I would give it a new lease of life.

I have removed the swivel eye and replaced it with a whipped brass version and added a few purple and gold threads.
The feather is the original one from 2014.
I have taken a fancy to it now . . . lol

I haven't made these for a while.

Inserted wagglers.

More . . .

" Tinca Sticks "

( Its that time again .....lol )

This is the first full set set of

" New Style Sneaky Lifters "

I personally really like the way these look and have some ready for a field test. Hopefully with some fishy pictures to come.

Two " Specie Wagglers "

3 & 6 swan respectively.

Featuring hand turned brass eyes with black / purple whipping and finished fluorescent Pink.

A father and son pair of . . . . .

" Irwell Sticks "

One plain and one with a feather inlay.

Below is my first baiting needle. Finished in metallic silver / gold thread with the obligatory purple.

The but cap is brass and at the business end is a steel hook tip to pull your hair rigs through.

This is the first of a range of four different needles I am making.

I have still not decided on the final style so its still out there.

I value your opinions.

A pair of Jay Feather Inlay Retro Stick Floats finished in fluorescent orange and pink.

A pair of Feather Inlay Tinca Sticks.
I personally like the different mettallic thread on this pair.

Probaly my best perch / grayling bobber to date.
I hope you like it.

Of all the new patterns I have been trying I think this is the one i will get the most use out of.

Below is my new .........

" Inserted Shouldered Stick Float "

in the same decor as the

 "Sith Pacemaker "

but with an alloy stem.

I can see this pattern getting a hammering this summer.

Below is a large inserted waggler and an alloy stemmed
" Retro Stick Float "
Both prizes for a facebook group I am a member of.

A pair of. . . . .
Inserted, Stepped, Treble Feather Inlayed Wagglers

Two sets of  . . . .

" Sneaky Lifters "

For canals and ponds when a little precision is required.

First set for the mainly for the Rochdale Canal
and a small pond close by.

The second set mainly for the Huddersfield Canal
and slightly further afield.

" Medium To Heavy Wire Stemed Avon "

for winter maggot & caster fishing .
Mainly for the the. . .
 River Ribble &
 River Dove. 😊

Here are a couple for the
" Boy Wonder "

Of our club. . .
On for his pal to catch the bait and one for Kayden to
catch a pike with.
Tight lines lads. 😊😊

Medium Pacemaker. . . . .

I shortened the float and reduced the buoyancy by approximately 50% compared to Victors . . .

" Jumbo Pacemaker "

So the weight is 7AAA or 3.5 swan which is exactly what I need for the River Ribble and some parts of the River Irwell where sticks cant cut it when on bread and meat.

Here are some long and some extra long

 " Sneaky Lifters " .

These are for crucians in deep water.
Rather unusual !!!!!
I have never made sneaky lifters so long and i am very interested in getting some feed back in the spring. 😊

Excellent for finicky feeders like crucians and roach.

I decided to give one of my . .

" Disgorging Stick Floats "

The metallic thread treatment.
I am really please with this as I think the metallic red thread pulls the whole float together. 😊😊😊😊😊😊

A new pattern for me . . . .
A " Jumbo Pacemaker "
 for Victor homewood. 😊

Click the lonk to see the full write up.


These two stick floats are for the leaders of my club.
Salford Friendly Anglers .
For all their endeavours on our behalf.

"Sticking " . . . . . Lol . . .
With my new metallic thread we have two
"Retro Stick Floats with a political theme !!!!!!!!!!!

One for

"Tory Boy"

One for

"Red Ken"

Do you know who's is who's !!!!!!!

A pair of perch / grayling bobbers.
Taking around 6AAA.
One plain
One with a jay feather inlay

Five Barbel Sticks which are very heavy stick floats .
These are approximately 4 swan.
Three bright orange and 2 black ones for when the sky is reflected on the waters surface and only black can really be seen.

I have have been playing with my new threads on my bobbers as well.

Here is the new version of one in my own colours.

Gold metallic thread has replace some of the back whipping on the tip and the stem.

Finer black lines using much thinner silk have also been applied to the tip area to give a more refined look.

I like it. . . . . . . . .

What do you think ? 😊

I have taken a liking to metallic golden thread lately.

Here are a trio of Irwell Sticks that have been teated to the 

" Golden Thread Treatment "

What do you think ????????

I quite like these three. 😊



If you would like to look at all of the hand crafted floats from 2014 - 2016 please click on the link below and it will take you to my float page.


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  1. These floats are amazing! I'm just starting the journey of float making and struggling to find good paints. I just wondered what brand and colour particularly orange, hope you dont mind me asking!


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