Peanut ,Bald Eagle & The Casterman - A Meeting Of Minds


Bald Eagle phoned me today and said he was having an hour after work on an SFA stretch of the River Irwell. I didn't need telling twice so a quick call to Casterman so he could come down and meet my old mate for the first time. Thirty minutes later I finished off what I was doing - float fiddling -, jumped into the " Mighty Megan " and high tailed it off to Radcliffe to meet the Eagle.

When I arrived I nearly missed Eagle he was the well camouflaged in his " Ripped to shreds " fishing suit. We said our hellows and settled down, sitting on Eagles coat to keep my arse dry. Eagle mentioned that the last time he fished this peg he had about 15 bites and no hook ups so he was after revenge. He reeled in and put some liquidezed bread in his feeder then russled in a bag and brought out the smelliest cheese paste I have ever smelt.
" Jesus Eagle , what have you put in that"  I asked , grimacing as the offending paste was wafted under my nose.
"Just a bit of my special" came the grunty reply off the Eagle. This is a long standing joke with us two. We NEVER tell each other what little additives we use, it keeps the other one guessing.....lmao.

A quiet half an hour passes when a small siluette is seen behind us as " The Casterman " shimmies down the banking like a mountain goat. "Aye up lads" which is the Castermans usual greeting. I quickly introduce the two anglers to each other. One is a float specialist the other a tip specialist. Within five minutes they were both talking like they had known each other for years. Derek was very interested in the Eagles set up and asked many questions regarding knots, line hooks and the most important one........bait. I have to admit Eagles cheese paste is the dogs danglies just as all three of use were talking about Eagles "Special " paste his tip has a few tentative plucks " Hit it Eagle ' I said, wanting a little action. " Not yet Peanut " as another little inquiry develops. " Eagle hit it ffs " as I said it Eagle gently, but firmly lifts into the fish.Eagle had our full attention now as he was fishing a big fish method so we wanted to see what he had hooked as the Irwell can throw up some real surprises. " Careful pal there is a big snag to your left ". " Yeeea I"m on it Peanut" came the reply. He stopped the run of the fish and turned it to the waiting landing net which wasn't easy as he was 8 foot up a stone wall !!!!!!!!. Eagle made it look easy as all good anglers do. ( I hate giving him complements ..... Lol ). It was a good chub of about 4 lb plus, a result from a virgin peg.

Eagles night chub

He nicked the hat off one of his kids........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Least I hope he did.......hahahahahaha

The Casterman, a summer pic.

Note the bait box full of ....... Yes ...... You guessed it .........

My arse was numb after sitting on a stone wall and Eagle had gained enough information from that peg so he was off to. We said our goodbys and promissed a session together in the next couple of weeks.

Great to get all three of us together. Its just not the same talking over face book.

 That next session turned out to be one I will remember fot the rest of my life. 
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