New Stick Floats - A Short Testing Session

After two of my mates cried off this weekend
( Shame on ) 
I didn't have a plan of where to go !!!!!

I have been struggling to get motivated to fish for quite some time now but I had to go and test out my new stick float so I chose to go local hope for the chub or the newly stocked silvers to show.
The wind was up but I chose to use my Trudex pin coupled with an Acolyte Plus.
I fancied fishing over depth slowing the bait right down using a large domed stick and the pin is great for this method.
The first choice of swim I chose was a bad one. The swim had changed quite a lot since the last time I fished it.
It had a lot of depth but with changing currents steams and an eddy on the far side.....very difficult to get in a rhythm and keep your bait in one run.
I did manage one trout........but this was the only bite I had in 45 minutes so I packed up and off to the next peg.
This run was also very slow......
two bites.....
two trout 
but I was very happy with the floats performance so not all bad.

After another 45 minutes on this, the second run and I was off to the the last one.

This run is a favourite peg of mine and I was hopeful of a hook up with a chub.

Third trot down....just past the rubbish raft and the new float buried.......
A heavy couple of thuds indicated a chub
the line went slack right in front of me.....
I thought I had lost the fish....
I nearly jumped out of my waders when the fish I hooked jumped a full 3 feet into the air
splashing down with an almighty crash
I quickly caught up with the fish on the pin and landed it without anymore fuss.
It was the biggest of the day but looked a little stressed so no picture.
 I quickly nursed her for a while then released her to fight again
With all this commotion going on if there was any feeding chub in the run they would have ghosted off downstream.

A had a couple more trout before the light faded......
nothing big all around  1- 1.5 lbs but they are more than welcome an a cold January morning when nothing else is feeding.

PS : I nearly had my first
River Irwell Stickleback......
but it feel off !!!!!!
must have let go of the maggot.


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