Loafer - Coming Of Age. Andrew Boyne Hits Gold on A Hard Day.

Andrew Boyne has written a nice guest piece regarding my new loafer float . . . . .  . .
Good result . . . . . . 😉

Andrew write up folks . . . 😊

" Had a few hours on the Ribble this evening, hoping to find it in better form than when Mike and I last visited. Unfortunately it wasn't, in fact it was even worse! An hour each in 3 of my banker swims produced a hand full of small chub. Trudging back to the car i decided to have a look at a swim I've not fished since last season. A couple of trees had gone down since i last dropped in there and their branches laying out over the water looked like a classic fish holding spot. Access close to the snags was dodgy but a peg 30yds above provided a nice spot to fish. It was impossible to chuck down with the tip due to overhanging trees - thankfully i had my trotting gear, and Mikes Loafer with me! Bait was to be a lump of paste wrapped around a size 8 Raptor Big T - no messing in the fast water. You need a big float to support a heavy bait like that in the fast water and the Loafer did me proud. First run down and the float disappeared - no time to question if it was fish or bottom as the pin was spinning wildly under heavy thumb pressure! Barbel! Not a big one, about 3lb but it put up a right scrap in the fast shallow water - which probably killed the swim! Time to move to the next swim normally, but this time, i went home, happy! "

 Thanks for your write up Andrew and the testing of my new float pattern. Hopefully we will catch up soon and I can pick up my rod rest ......lol.
We can also talk about our future swap of hand crafted equipment. 😉

Until the next time……….



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