Deep Water Tinca Sticks - A new one to me !!!!!!!!!


" Tinca Sticks "

were designed for shallow water, close quater tenching.
 I have made a few
" one offs "
over the last two years , sightly different
" Specials "
for certain people.

Below are some . . . . . .

 " Extra Large Tinca Sticks "

Regarding the two
" Extra Large "
 floats on the right, I have changed the stem material to ensure strength and longevity.

These will be paired up with a set of

" Extra Large Sneaky Lifters "

Made for a certain deep water in the north west of England containing a good head of Crucian Carp & Tench.

I hope you will post a report of your first sessions with these floats as I have not tested these myself. 

You know who you are Mr X......... !!!!!!!

Until the next time . . .

 TTFN . . . .

If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link. 😊


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