Teaching The Newbies New Tricks On L.B A.

For the last few months I have been trying to get John Derbyshire to join Little Britain Anglers. Two weeks ago I showed him and his pal Paul Johnson around our little club. Both were impressed with the set up and promised to join in a couple of weeks time.

Today was that day. . . . .

I arrived at 08.15 having already organised our session with Eric Owen & Mick Doddman. The lads weren’t their when I arrived so I took the decision to fish an un-favoured peg.

“ The Sunken Tree Peg “

 (The one I caught my first
 Irwell chub on in fact)

Leaving the fliers for the newbies. 😉
I decided after a quick try to put my favoured Irwell sticks back in my bag and took out a loafer as the pace of this peg is fierce to say the least as the run is spawned from some shallow rapids bellow the willow peg.

It is a very difficult peg to fish on the float. The river cuts into the near side where there is a submerged tree. This peg screams big fish but only fish to about 3 lb have been caught in the past. 
( Trout & Chub )

I had about four trots down when I saw a red head bobbing up and down heading my way with a big fella on tow. It was a red head as John was sporting a Man United Bobble hat .

( Cant fault him for that )

As he reach my peg he took his hat off to reveal his natural bright orange colour . . .. lol

I explained to them why I was fishing a loafer in this peg and not an Irwell Stick.

After giving Paul a

“  Retro Stick Rig “

 and further instructions to fish both the Willow Peg and Peg One they trotted off to their respective pegs.

Then end of Peg Two.

A Summer Willow Peg Picture.

With the newbies sorted out I continued with the conundrum of the

 “ Sunken Tree Peg “

I had originally started with an “ Irwell Stick “ but the pace and power of the current bossed the float and as all decent river float anglers know the float needs to boss the run without being excessively heavy.
I then opted for a 3 swan Loafer. One of my  newer patterns.

This seemed to do the business and I was happy with the way I could control its passage past the sunken tree. 

Unfortunately I did not have much success yet again on this peg. I was contemplating a move when  my loafer buried and a tail walking brownie bust from the depths , straight into the sunken tree the threw the hook.

BUGGER . . .

I cursed out loud.
 I really wanted to show John and Paul the  potential and quality of the fish in this stretch.

I had a little more confidence now and carried on with my loafer attack for another 45 minutes to no avail.

Time for a move I thought . . . 

I was packing away my gear for a move when I heard a familiar voice behind me . . . 

“ Aye up lad. Av you add out “

 Casterman said he may put in an appearance.

" Just lost a brownie about 3 lb. Nothing else pal.

How is your collar bone mate " ?

Casterman is the wrong side of 50 and is still a bit of a dare devil on his mountain bike. Not to mention mountain climbing !!!!!!!!!!.

It was a recent mountain bike crash that broke his collar bone and halted his winter roach fishing. 

 “ Collar bone ain’t to bad lad “

“ I’m on the move. I have had enough of this peg for today “

“ Not easy is it “

 Came Castermans reply, hiding a rueful grin. 

“ I’m off to peg one. John and Paul are moving to Barbel Bend so I will drop in peg one to try and save the blank “.

We gathered up my scattered kit. Casterman did well to carry anything considering his injuries and we both slowly walked back to L.B.A. H.Q.

On arrival at peg one we noticed a bit of kit left on the bank. I peeked around the bushes but saw only fishing equipment !!!!!!!!!!

I then saw some slight movement and recognised the outline of Mick Dodman . . .   

In his camo suit !!!!!!!!!!!

He looked like the alien out of

 “ Predator “ . . . .

 Just a shimmer when he moved . . . . his camo suit was that good . . .   . .   Lmao
I politely asked . . . .  When I saw him . . . .  .lol . . . if I could trot on peg one as this is right on top of peg two. Luckily for me he agreed as he was on the feeder. So without further a do I set up on Peg One under the watchful eye of the Casterman.

Mick also, very kindly kept his feeders on the inside line so I could have a long trot using both pegs.


I set up on a 12 no8 “ Irwell Stick “ with a Jay Feather and a multi coloured pearlescent finish paired with 5 lb line, the shots were strung out button style as to enable me to get the most movement out
 of my hook bait when holding back.

I was getting minnowed out for the first 15 minutes as I thought I would. After a few more minnows I had another non–descript bite, a couple of bobs then a bury. As I struck I heard the line slice through the water as I connected with a good fish.

" What the hell was that noise Mike “ ???????
Shouts Mick Dodman.

“ He’s in Mick.
 Its a good one to mate “
 shouts Casterman.

After a minute or two I managed to guide the fish upstream in front of me to a safe snag free area where I could tire her out.

“ What is it Mike. . . . .. trout “
 whispered Casterman.

“ No . . . . . . . .Chub I think pal “

“ Ooooooow nice one “ he whispered not wanting to break my concentration.

It was then a great big silver spotted flash in front of us gave the fish up as a
Wild Brown Trout.

“ I couldn’t believe it.
 It fought exactly like a chub ” !!!!!!!

Another few seconds passed and she was ready to net.
She was a desent fish of a desent
2.75 – 3 lb.

Derek did the honours and took a few snaps for the blog. He owes me a few as over the years. I have took more than a few for him. 😂

I took a couple of picture to.
One for my fish and float page below.

The other was a face close up. . . . . . . .
Little did I know then that my blank saving trout had offered me up a little present . . . . . . . .
A regurgitated minnow !!!!!!

2 for 1 lol.......

The trout here are real predators !!!!!!!!!!
Eric has seen them in summer smashing shoals of minnows inches from the bank.

I sent a  picture to John Derbyshire & Paul to show them my capture and packed up whilst talking to Derek and Alan who had turned up just after I released my trout.

As I arrived home my phone stated ringing. It was John letting me know that he had blanked but Paul had another drop in peg one and winkled out a nice brownie on one of my

 “ Retro Stick Floats “

Pauls Johnsons catch

well done that man. 

John had opted to fish a drennen loafer . . . . 
and BLANKED !!!!!!!!!

Makes you think doesn't it !!!!!!!!

All in all a good day. Not a lot of fish but I am very happy catching two new  L.B.A. members for Eric.


Before I go here us a picture of the far end of the L.B.A. stretch of the Irwell on Dumers Lane Bridge.

Membership is open at the moment. Its only a small stretch so join before it gets full again. 😊

Until the next time . . .



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