A Pair Of Old Reels Give A New Lease of life.

I was luck enough to be given a Trudex and A Mitchell Match 440A by  . . . . 

" The Casterman " last year.

These reels were in desperate need of refurbishment but I have neither the time nor the skill to accomplish this so they were used as they were, well, the Trudex was.

" The Mitchell was in a right state "

A chance viewing of the Trudex on one of my float pictures ignited the interest of a reel refurbisher named  . . . . . . . 

" Victor Homewood " . . . .

and he kindly offered to refurbish them both in exchange for a float or two. 😉

Here are the reels in their sorry state . . . . . .


Mitchell Match 440A

And here they are now. 


Mitchell Match 440A

I am more than happy with the results Victor.

I may even be christening the Trudex
on Sunday at L.B.A. on the Irwell with John Derbyshire & his pal Paul.

PS :

Victor has just contacted me and said . . . . 

" Look on the inside of the pin Mike "

I have opened it up and seen the lovely little surprise Victor has left.

Its a signed refurbished piece.
Signed in brass by Victor.
Thank you my friend.

As I have said before

" Its the little extra things that make something that bit more special "

This is one of them Victor....its Lovely 


Until the next time . . .



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