Irwell Stick Float Mk2

After my recent grayling session with
 Adam Mack we sat down at the car and had a chat.
The subject revolved around the shop bought, shouldered, 2 no4's stick floats we were both using.
Adam liked them.
I didn't.
I thought the fine tip needed removing for the fast runs we were fishing as they where of little use.
I decided to make some miniature
" Irwell Stick Floats "
( Larger versions to follow )
 to try out the next time we go together.
The two below are hand turned from balsa with an aluminium stem taking two and three no4's respectively.
These also have quite a steep tapper to reduce weight capacity and give a wide visible tip.
I have some larger ones under construction for larger rivers
I'm looking forward to trying these the next time we go Adam.
A twenty pence piece was added to give the picture some scale.7
Here is my
3 no4's Irwell Stick MK2
the shop bought 2 no4's stick.
The tip of the shop bought float was too fine for me but to be fair it was probably designed for a slower river.
I couldn't see it at distance plus the current kept dragging it under on some of the runs.
Lets hope we can catch a few of these wonderful fish.

If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link.

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