New In-Line Sliding Pike Bobber

I don't make many cork pike floats and fancied trying a blend of styles mixing new with old so, with that in mined I have made my first attempt at a new pattern.
Below is a  . . . . 

Cork Boddied In-Line Pike Bobber.

It has a hollow carbon shaft for the line to slide through enabling the angler to fish at any depth.
( If anyone can think of a natural hollow tube to use plesse let me know )

I have also added a large sight bob, hopefully it can the be used for both pike and perch when  live bait fishing.
Cock the float to the largest dome for pike fishing with larger live baits and to the sight bob for smaller live baits for perch and jack pike.
It has to be tested yet but I do not see why it can not be used for both styles.
Finished in fluorescrnt red / pink , black, gold and violet whippings plus a nice feather for further decoration.
I rather like this design myself.
I just need some nice fish and float picures now to go on the fish and float page.

Until the next time. . . . . 


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