Childhood Bobber - A Trip down Memory Lane

As I was making my last set of baby bobbers . .  

I remembered a float from my childhood which was . . . 

" The favourite float "
of the time.
I used it for everything  !!!!!!!!!
From tiny squats on a 24 s hook down to a big fat lobworm for tench on a 12s
It did not matter if it was suitable for the lake or the conditions . . . . . 
it was my lucky float so it was the first one to hit the water every time . . .

I can still remember the lads I used to go fishing with on
  Unsworth and Pilsworth Fisheries. Peddling like mad on our grifters, choppers and racers to get to the best pags first . . . . Lol.
John Doran
Gary Robinson
Tony Robinson
Mark Dickinson
Lee Webb

To mention but a few.

Six weeks of non - stop fishing in the summer holidays . . .
That must have been around 1983.

Fishing with a 10 ft Shakespeare Wonder Match rod and a Mitchelle 208 reel.
I thought I was the bees nees.

Here is my version of my favourite float.
The original was small than the one I have made taking about 3 BB.

The replica above takes 3AAA ish. 
I have also taken a little artistic licence as my old float was painted in in egg shell blue, white and black without any whippings. I could not help myself and used a jay feather to decorate it a little.
I have even left out my metallic thread
Which was an effort let me tell you

Anyway, I will be taking this little one out for its maiden voyage in a few weeks hunting perch........
May be even a few grayling aye Jordan.

Until the next time. . . . . 



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