Sight Bob Wagglers - In Metallic Blue

I have only ever made two sight bob wagglers before so I am by no means an expert with this patten.

The paint work is metallic, pearlescent blue with the top of the stem in plain white finished with a fluorescent day glow colour apart from the black float.
All whippings are in black and purple and take approximately 5 SSG ( 8 g )

These should do the business John Derbyshire !!!!!!

The ones pictured are the basic models. 
I will be making them with all the whistles and bells 
( Feather, metallic whippings and a futher pearlescent finish ). 😉

I now have a few of these and will be testing them on a large reservoir in Bolton along with my perch bobbers
I will be fishing over depth with chopped worm and caster with some shot on the lake bed to combat the tow. 
The wagglers will be paired up with
" The Creature Reacher " 
and hopefully I or John will have a few slabs to show you.


Until the next time . . . . .


If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link. 😊

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