Purple Peanut Float Caught Fish.


Derek Kenyon
" The Casterman "
With a lovely net of roach on one
Of my new avons.

A sort session on the Stour using an Irwell Stick proved fruitful for Robin Bowes.
Trotting a shallow gravel run he hit this beauty first run through.
Great fish Robin.
Well done.
A 2lb plus rudd courtesy of JaySS.
Lovely fish.
Thanks for sharing pal.

A few little nuggets I had out last week.
Not big but a lovely surprise in Feb.
 The days catch

Neil Johnson with a mahoooosive 
Mancunian perch !!!!!!
Caught it on his first trip out with his new live bait perch bobber.
Glad I was their to see it pal.

Lee Harper - Smith . . .in his own words. 
I managed to christen one of the pike slider floats this morning with a Wye Pike of 17lb 12oz. I placed the float fished half Bluey in a slack with the river up 6ft and coloured. After half an hour the float started to twitch just as I had poured my first coffee of the day! After a short but spirited battles he was in the net.

Rouge Piker

Five minutes later a smiling Jordan skips round the corner with something in his landing net.
" It's not a big one Mike but it is what we came for " he said in his broad Yorkshire drawl......

Read the rest of the tail on the blog. šŸ˜

Look at this beauty !!!!!!!
Andrew Boyne comes the business using a straight feather inlay waggler.

Approximated at 1.25 lbs 
this River Ribble roach is something, I myself, am very much looking forward to catching.

Well done Andrew.

Very jealous . . . . LOL.
Jeff Rhodes has put his
Feather Inlay Retro Stick Float
 to good use as you can see from this lovely River Dove caught Grayling.

Neil Peel......The Master of fish and float selfies comes good with a 2 lb plus Crucian on an
 " Extra Long Sneaky Lifter "
Lovely fish m8. šŸ˜‰
Rob Newstead with a fine 
" Tinca Stick "
 caught tench.

Well.done pal. 

Simon Salder with a nice  bream on a 
" Tinca Stick " .

8 lb River Ribble barbel caught on an
" Irwell Stick Float "

My first Crucian of the year. 

Jeff Rhodes hit the ground running. šŸ˜‰
Tested my birthday hand-made (by Mike Cootes) floats today on a couple of local ponds, very nice!šŸ‘šŸ˜Š

The " Sneaky Lifter " strikes again
Crucian.  2lb 7 oz...
Not mine
A beautifull 2lb 8oz rudd caught by a certain someone 
(NOT ME . . . LOL )
on a Fluorescent Green Perch Bobber . 
Well done that man.
Very jealous !!!!!!!!

A lovely gudgeon caught by Joe Rhodes.
His first ever fish on a 
" Tinca Stick "

  " Sneaky Lifter  "

Does the trick once more.

Graham Beddow with a nice carp on one of my Avons.

Kayden McCarty has been smashing the Rochdale Canal all over for the last two years.
Here is his catch today on on his new pike pencil.
5 - 6 lb . . . . . 
Small for Kayden . . . . Lol

A 3lb Large Mouth Bass caught in Florida  by David Pinder on one of the Fluoro Bobbers. 

Fished exactly the way you would for big perch using a big night-crawler (lobworm) as bait. Terrific fight to.

Well done david.

 Always nice to see a well travelled float. šŸ˜‰

River Douglas Chub

Autumn River Irwell Broen Trout.

David Parr has been on the Canal in Ashton and managed to winkled out this lovely skimmer.
Well done Dave lad. šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

I am feeling a little pleased with myself. 
Even though this is not my fish I am proud to announce this is the very first Grayling Caught on one of my floats.
( That I know of )
An " Irwell Stick " did the damage.
Caught by John.
Vey well done pal. šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š

A lump of a gudgeon caught from the River Douglas in Bolton on one of my new disgorger Stick Floats.  Well chuffed . . . .šŸ˜²

I will have to purchase some mini scales for the next time. šŸ˜Š

John Derbyshires 3 lb plus tench on a 
" Large Tinca Stick MKI "
Well done pal. šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰

JaySS has finally cracked his Crucian Carp water with this stunning net of fish.
He has worked very hard on this and deserves a lot of credit. All caught on a " Tinca Stick " 

Andrew Boyne has done me proud once more. 
He kindly agreed to put my new Loafer Float through its paces on the
River Ribble. Very pleased ...šŸ˜‰

Some nice silvers fromthe River Ribble. 
Caught on a
" Retro Stick Float " šŸ˜Š

Adam Mack put his small inserted waggler to good use while on holiday in Florida.
11 lb 9 oz of Blue Gill.
Well done Adam. Brilliant net pal.

He lost his float to an unidentified beasty.
Can you guess what it was ? ? ? ? ?

Never mind the football. David Parr put his float to good use in France.

Fishing on the River Galaure in the French Alps . Caught a chub on a
Mike Cootes Irwell stick float.

 An English Silver Trophy
 From France . . . . LOL
Paul converted his " Tinca Stick " to accept a starlight. Good Paul & nice tench to m8ty . šŸ˜‰

A nice dace from Paul Fernside. šŸ˜Š

Paul Ferndide has put his " Tinca Stick " 
through its paces again.
Well done pal. šŸ˜‰

About time I had a decent tench...šŸ˜

Jason Booth is putting his floats to good use.
With a " Sneeky Lifter " caught Tench & Crucian
Well done m8 ......  šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜‰

I am buzxing for JaySS. This is one of the best ever fish caught on my floats to date.
Here is the text I received today off my m8 & fellow SFA member JaySS......Hahaha

"" OK: Decided it was high time to give the bobbers a UK trial, with the proper target species.  Had a good day with the floats working well, although the green is probably not the best colour choice for rippled water. Results: a brace of perch of 2-15, and 3-0 ( pictured) together with four other tiddlers straddling the pound mark.  Anyway, time to get your finger out Mike and get my tench floats on the production line.  ;-) ""

I am already on it my friend. šŸ˜‰

What a belting fish. 
Well done John. šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒšŸ˜ƒ

Jason Booth has begun his 2016 Tench campaign today using a
 " Sneaky Lifter"
 He said the float was " The business ",  very sensitive and will be his go to general coarse float from now on.
Well done Jason. I told you they were good.
Yours was the first " Sneaky Lifter I ever made by the way....... šŸ˜‰

  A suprise chub gave Jason the runaround to.....lol

Paul Furnside put his Waggler to good use yesterday with plenty of quality 
Rudd action.
Not to easy to find around Manchester these days.
Well done pal.

My Bobbers are becoming well travelled........!!!!!!!!

JaySS has just returned from Thailand and was using one of my bobbers to catching his live bait.

 I am over the moon with the pictures JaySS, thanks for taking the time out from your holiday to take some snaps for me. I really appreciate it pal.


Asian Red Tail Catfish

Jarva Barb

Read the rest of this exotic tale on my blog....šŸ˜‰
Casterman has been showing off his considerable stick float skills on the River Irwell.
On the penultimate day of the season he scored , amongst others,  a lovely chub around 3.5 lbs. 
Caught on an " Irwell Stick "
Wel done my friend. 
A good fish on a HARD river.

I am on again with a River Irwell PB brown trout caught from my club stretch  Little Britain Anglers.( LBA )
5 lb on the nose. 
Fought like a barbel, well chuffed.

John Derbishire put his floats to good use today.

A canal fish coming in at just over 9 lb.........
better than a slap in thr chops ....ay !!!!!

I whish I had come with you now and braved the snow......may be next time pal..

Paul Martin has made good use of his Perlescent, Feather Inlayed Tinca Stick bagging a lovely tench and 2 more species on its maiden voyage.
Well  done Paul, shes a beauty

River Irk Wild Brown Trout. ( Got to be a tough fish to live in there !!!!! )

A red letter day on the Irwell for me. An estimated 15lb net while christening a new rod.

Out of season Wild Brown Trout from the River Irwell. Fought like a tiger. Lovely colours. Returned quickly and safely.
 3 lb

All caught on a pearlescent Feather Inlayed Irwell Stick Float.

I tested one of my  Barbel Sticks today on the Irwell. No beards but plenty of these and the float performed admirably....

Andrew Boynes River Ribble fish.

All caught on a Barbel Stick Float. Well done pal. 

John Derbyshire makes the gallery with a lovely September tench
 caught on a MKI Tinca Stick & worm.
Well done pal. Hope tbe picture I took did it justice......

Mark Thomas has come up with the goods on a really tough disused canal.
Tench and silvers on a Sneeky Lifter.......

Carl Davis making the most of his new stick floats.
Wild Brown Trout from the River Dane.

Paul Furnside has had a few more good fish on his 
MKII " Tinca Stick " ( With a unusual green band )

Jason Booth has had som belting Crucians on  "  Tinca Stick MKI "

One of my Tincas from this weekend Caught using my new / old Merlin Mordex centerpin and a Tinca Stick MKII.

Also a lovely little Crucian Carp graced my net. These beautifull bars of gold are becoming a rare site nowadays.

Jason Booth has christand his Tinca Stick on a lovely 4lb plus tench.
You worked very hard for this falla Jason. Well done pal.

Michael Morton hits the ground running with his new MKI Tinca Sticks.
Some nice roach graced his net......here is one of them.

Paul Fernside has caught some nice fish on Retro Sticks lately. 
This beautifull roach is one of many from the River Ribble. 
Well done Paul....

I am a bit of a numpty sometimes...
 Forgot to put my pic on from last week
Irwell Brownie on a Retro Stick Float.

You can not fault John Derbyshires inventivness. He has been using an Irwell Stick as a large dibber on a commercial fishery. I was wondering when someone else would think of that.

Well done pal........

Paul Frenside has been bagging again but this time his weapon of choice was a Tinca Stick. Well done pal.....

Pauls comments :

"  Good, very sensitive. 
Really good with the Crucians, mixed carp tench etc but equally good with the silvers. 
The stepped White collars work on the lift  ".


Brown Goldfish

Salford Pete ( My dad ) has well and truely christand his Tinca Stick to day on Unsworth. Well done dad. I' m proud of ya......

Below are some pictures of fish caught on floats I have hand crafted. 
I hope you enjoy the page.  :)

Paul Fernside comes up with the goods again. Well done pal.
A nice Crucian & a Tench on a Whipped Straight Waggler

Neil Peel hits the bulls eye first time out with his new Tinca Sticks.

John Derbyshire is into the fish again. An Irwell Stick was the weapon of choice.
Well in Pal .

Paul Fernsides rudd &  tench caught on a whipped waggler. Nice one Paul. 

Small chub caught by John Derbyshire on an Irwell Stick on a small intimate river. Well done John.

Little F1 on a Tinca Stick

Quality rudd on a tinca stick

A couple of little tincas caught on a Tinca Stick

Tinca Stick caught roach

A good mirror caught on a straight waggler by Mr Neil Peel.
AKA Mr Crabtree....lol

Mirror carp on a pellet waggler by Stevie New Fitton.
Well done Stevie.

I can not tell you how elated I felt when I finally landed an Irwell Unicorn.....
Irwell Barbel on an Alloy Stick Float.

Spawned out female wild brown trout.

River Trent chub on an Irwell stick courtesy of David Parr
 AKA " The Meddy Man "

A chub on an "Irwell Stick " from mi good self ...lol

First ever fish caught on one of my wagglers. Irwell chub.

First ever chub caught on one of my " Irwell Sticks "
Well done Casterman.

First ever fish on one of my hand crafted floats.
Irwell wild brown trout caught on an alloy stick float.

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