" The Cut " part 1 - Unsworth Angling Club - Rod Race 2015

Unsworth Angling club - The Cut - 1

 I have been meening to fish another of my old favourate ponds called   

 " The Cut " 

on the Unsworh Anglers Card and with two sunny days on the bounce I wasn't going to miss out. I wanted to fish the pin with one of my hand crafted Tinca Stick floats. Once you have tried fishing with a pin and your own floats it becomes addictive........trust me.

Armed with my Daiwa Connoisseur X Waggler rod, Okuma Aventa Pro Pin and a 2 BB Tinca Stick. I settled down for a little civilized Pin fishing. 

My peg for the morning.

I used 2 no 1 locking shots and 3 no 8's , 2 half way down the line and one 4" away from the hook. I baited the swim swim with a little brown crumb laced with sweetcorn and a little " Special " ..... lol  ..... and baited up three areas of attack. One swim two rodlenghts out 45°.to my left, the second 3.rodlengths out staight infront of me, the third two rod lengths out 45° to my right. My first baited cast settled nicely just in front of an overhanging bush,  just as the hook settled on  the lake bed the float slid away and the first fish of the day was on. I heard a large clicking of the ratchet as I struck....... beacause I am such a clampit I had forgotton to brake my pin " Good job no one is watching me " I thought. With in 40 seconds a pristene chucky roach about 10 oz was in the landing net.

Some of the sessions quality roach.

First fish of the day. Quality Roach.


Think this may be a roach / rudd hybrid.

" Happy days " I thought. Second chuck in and my float did not even settle, instead, it flew under the water into the trees opposite. With the pin fully braked this time....lol.......I stopped the run dead and hoped the hook didn't pull out under the strain. The fish turned and fought in open water for a couple of minutes when, just at the end of the fight I saw a flash of gold " NICE ONE , it's a big crucian " I muttered to myself. The fish gave up the ghost at that point., as I slid it over the waiting landing net I stared in disbelief.........It was a monster #rudd of about a pound................. I was flabbergasted. I haven' t caught one of this size for about 30 years. I quickly un-hooked her and laid her on the grass in my landing net for a picture. Not only was this the best rudd Ihave had for years it was also an all important rod race point...........I was buzzin, caught on one of my own floats to.

Big Rudd.

Obsidian Tinca Sticks.

Obsidian Tinca Sticks

Obsidian Tinca Sticks with a feather inlay

Albino Rinca Sticks with a feather inlay.

I text the picture to a pal " Jason Booth " to gloat ......lol.......Well we all need to show off now and again... :)

This is Boothy with a nice Severn #barbel from last year. He is helping test my Tinca Sticks to.

My next cast produced a little bobbing, dancing bite then again, a positive slide under the surface. A quick strick and I was into a chunky little #F1........another rod race point,  thats 2 in one session.......another quick picture and I was back fishing again.

Lost count how many of these I caught.
Good fun on light gear.


 Caught lots of #perch to.

This action carried on for about 2 hours with quality roach being the bulk of my catch. The swims were slowing now and the fish getting finicky and bites realy slowed down. So I started to pack my gear away whilst hopping for that one last fish. I was putting my tackle box in my carryall when the " Tinca Stick started bobbing around,  I skipped over, hopefully, to bag my last fish of the day. As I placed my hand on my rod the float saild under ever so slowly and I srruck. There was little resistance as my strike was firm and I swung in what I thought was a very small roach but on further inspection I chuckled to my self......another rod race point was in the bag. That was 3 in one session.............it was a #gudgeon......
I love these little fellas. I used to catch these in the 1970's from the very same peg....what a great few hours dangling I had.


What can I say, I didnt hook any monsters but as you can see from the the pictures the fish were of notable quality

I was more than pleased with the mornings catch as this was also a recon. mission for my dad -.Salford Pete -  and      
his younger brother......Uncle Dave. They will be having a go next week hopefully.

So that was 3 rod race points and some recon. done for my dad and uncle , well happy.


Bring on the 16th of June.


I have recently got the reurbishment bug.

This is an old Intrepid Elite Reel I am fixing up for a surprise present for my dad. It used to be my grandads reel. " Salford Pete " caught me in mid-refurb. So I told him it was for him.......the smile on his face said it all to me........

Thanks for your help with this Graeme Pickerton

I have also been a " Bad Lad " on ebay and purchased, a Mordex Merlin Centerpin. Later in the year, under the guidance of Victor Homewood I will refurbish the reel but for now I will get some enjoyment out if it on the banks.

Mordex Merlin Centerpin reel


If you would like to look at all of the hand crafted floats I make please click on the link below and it will take you to my float page.



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