2015 Rod Race - Tench and Crucian Points.

Hi all,

First of all let me apologise for the lack of posts. I have been extremely busy with work and family life so fishing and the blog have taken a step backwards....unfortunately.

I currently have a bee in my bonette regarding a small mill pond run by my local club. I grew up fishing here and even though a 16 meter pole will no doubt reach the other side I still love the place. 

Below is the little track leading to the lodge.

This is the little gem I like to play in.

My Okuma centerpin and my new Tinca Stick floats where my chosen weapons of the day and I was hoping to catch a tench or , if very lucky,  a Crucian Carp. Crucians are becoming quite rare due to hybridisation with Brown Gold Fish and other ornimentals so to have crucians on my door step is a real bonous.

My Tinca Sticks

My session went off without a hitch fishing the pin 2 rodlenths out. I was fishing maggot out straight infront of me and corn down the side near the lilly bed

I was catching from the off, a roach a chuck initiallly from 3 to 10 oz and  kept me busy for the first hour. I was extremley happy with the perfomance of my Tinca Sticks. They were sensitive for standard fishing and the lift method.

After about an hour my Tinca Stick slid under and my carbon rod bent a bit oooooh  ..... i thought, this is not a roach, it was fighting diffently and had a lot more staying power. Could it be a little tench or even a crucian ? After a short enjoyable battle I slid my net under a " Little Hulk" A lovely litle example of one of my favourate species of fish...The #Tench

This was my first tench of the season and I was well chuffed and a rod race point in the bank as well.

The second tench of the session gave me a classic lift bite, one BB as the tell tail shot and boooosh..... Up popped the tinca stick just as intended and another miniture Hulk was on. This led me a merry little dance as it was hooked right next to the lilly bed to my left but it was quickly in the landing net and another baby Hulk was banked............

This was a 2 hour session which confirmed everything I thought about the old tinca sticks........ They are top draw...........

No Crucians unfortunately, may be next time a little golden bar will grace my net.

Both fish were caught on corn from an Unsworth 
Anglers water.

This is the first time I have fished the pin on a still water. Now I know what all the fuss is about. You can feel EVERY lunge and bump of the fight and these are babies. I  will have to  tap up Paul David Carr for a tutorial on Drinkies......


I tried again the following afternoon for the elusive #Crucian Carp rod race point. As the prevoious session I had plenty of roach initally, then , my Tinca Stick danced around in a circle bobed twice and disappeared below the surface. A classic Crucian bite. With a  quick stike I was into something a little chunkier than a roach, another tench I thought. As it surface there was an unmistakeable flash of gold coupled with a fleck of red............it was a Crucian.....I was beaming.........It was beautiful.

(The perspex was wet by the way. The fish was safe )

So two more rodrace points in as many days. I think I am up to 5th now.

A couple of skimmers made an appearance at last knockings and that was that until the nex time I get a pass..........lol

I would just like to say how suprised I was using the pin catching smallish fish, it was wonderfull. This is without doubt the best way to enjou our sport. I am on the look out for a nice still water pin with a line guard now. I am a total convert. I didn't even take my pole with me.


If you would like to look at all of the hand crafted floats I make please click on the link below and it will take you to my float page.




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