HAND CRAFTED FLOATS 2014 - 2016 - Float making By The Peanut.

Here are some pictures of my hand crafted floats & Fishing Equipment.

For 2017 floats please click the link below


A pair of Barbel Sticks with the addition of golden thread for an Irwell run I still have not attempted to fish yet !!!!!

Here is a little something for Andrew and Catherine Boyne for making me such a beautiful big fish rod.

" The Creature Reacher "


A pair of Pike Pencils

Both sporting Pearlescent Jay Feather Inlays and double golden tipets.
Lets hope you both get a few big crocs on these. πŸ˜‰

A variety pack.

Two Irwell Sticks. Two Loafers and a Tinca Stick.
For someone who has fell in love with fishing once more.

Enjoy my friend . 😊

I have wanted to make a traditional stepped waggler for quite some time and have recently purchased some new threads, so, a per usual I started a pair then put them to one side them so I could re-visit them at my leisure. 
Eventually I got round to whipping them just as my new threads arrived. 

Good timing aye !!!!!!!

This pattern lends itself to more than one feather and as you have probably guessed I like a feather or two on my floats. I tried a little free styling and came up with the design below. 
I am not 100 % happy with it as there are a few minor changes I would make but all in all not a bad result for my first attempt at a  . . . . .  . 

“ Traditional, Treble Feather Inlay, Stepped Waggler “

I hope you like it. 

Staying on the subject of " Bobbers "

This is my latest float . . . . . . . .

" Feather Inlay  Baby Bobber "
in my own colours.😊

Approximately half the size of my standard bobbers with a shorter stem, smaller body and tip. The tip has also been tapered so the float can be dotted.

I have also used much finer thread in some areas.

Made for fishing maggots and worms.
Like we did when we were kids . . . . . πŸ˜‰ 

I hope you like it.

Comparison pictures.

Bobbers are the flavour of the day at the moment. 
Here are two in fluorescent Orange and Yellow.
Both have an Amethyst Feather Inlay.
A nice little pair.  πŸ˜Š 

I have been making some Bobbers again.
I must admit I realy like making these. 
There is something timeless about their look that I love.  
I have plans to make some different versions after christmas so stay tuned. πŸ˜‰

Here are a set of four in fluorescent
All with a subtle 
Blue Pearlescent Jay Feather Inlay. 

These will be trundelling down the River Ribble, hopefully to snare a grayling or two. 

I have been using green on my floats more and more lately.
A very underestimated colour in my opinion. 

I hope you like them.

Below are quartet of Jay Feather Amethyst Inlay 
Barbel Stick Floats.

I hope to give this pattern some serious hammer over the winter on the River Ribble. 
Stay tuned . . . . . Kids πŸ˜‰

This is my new up graded 
6 " 
Pike Pencil.

I have incorporated a 4.5 mm birch stem and
an eye hand coiled by myself so I can ensure they are brass and not coated steel.

 The new feather is an 
Amethyst Pearlescent Inlay to. πŸ˜‰

Made for a friend. 
Thanks for your help Brian.

New brass eye hand coiled by myself. 😊

Got some new feathers.
Let me know what you think of them.
Here is the first 
Six inch Feather Inlayed 
" Pike Pencils "

And the second one. 

Crazy Gorges 
" Retro Stick Floats "

Here are two pairs of stick floats
 " Retro Sticks & Irwell Stick Floats "

This quartet are for a compation in a facebook group I am a member of. 

" Cpuk Hunting & Fishing " 

Here is my new pike bobber.hb
Click the link below to the full write up.

Below are the five 

" Chunky,
 Pealescent Feather Inlay,
Inserted Wagglers ".

These are the first chunky ones I have ever made and I rather like them.

Designed to take similar weights to my standard length wagglers but a shorter float for increased stability and fishing at shallower depths.

A Quartet of 
Perch/Grayling Bobbers.

All with Pearlescent Feather Inlays. πŸ˜‰

A trio of 

" Irwell Sticks "

Made to measure taking 3 - 4 BB.
I never tire of making these as I use them the most on the River Irwell. 😊

Here is my first . . . . . 
"Fully Loaded, Inserted Pellet Waggler
With a
 Cobalt, Pearlescent, Feather Inlay "

Made for a friend of a friend
I hope u like it Bob. πŸ˜‰

Well . . . . . .

I have finally take the plunge and purchased a 

Mini Lathe.

I can see a lot of cork floats coming out of the
 " Peanut " 
stable in the near future. 
No stopping me now kids....lol   πŸ˜‰

Here are my first results.

A Small Pike Float Body.

Extremely Pleased with the outcome.

A still water trio of wagglers.
Two inserted and one pellet. 😊 

A first for me. 
Fully Loaded Feather Inlay 
Inserted Wagglers.

I really enjoyed making these and they have turned out better than I could have hoped for.

Enjoy them My friend 😊

" Tinca Sticks "
 in alternating colours . . . 
Already getting read for next years tench season.  πŸ˜Š

 A very special quartet of 

" Barbel Stick Floats "

For fishing faster water with bigger baits like meat, cheese, pellet, paste, bread, etc

Another Farther & Son set of Bobbers. 😊

Below is my first set of

 " Speci Wagglers " .

Ideal for the bigger river species like Barbel & Chub and great for fishing bigger baits like meat, pellet, paste, bread etc . 

Fish them over depth dragging the bait on the bottom slowing the pace of your hook bait down as to entice a bite.

Taking 6 -7 SSG these are un - loaded and don't dive too deeply when they hit the water.

These can also be used as . . . .

" Un - loaded Pellet Waggers " 
On carp commercials. πŸ˜‰

This next patern to get the disgorger treatment.

The " Loafer Disgorger Float "

This is also a working float. 
On its first outing  I caught chub , dace and trout on this very float.

Very steady in turbulent fast water taking 4 swan.

I hope u like it. 😊

I don't know about you but I loose disgorgers all the time on the river. They fall out of my bait apron all the time so I thought of a novel way to keep them with me all the time by incorporating them into a Stick Float design.

Here is a short video showing you how to use them. 😊

Below are my new Boddied Sight Bob Wagglers. 

With black and purple whippings, pink sight bobs and metallic pearlescent blue paint.

Weight Capacity is 4 swan / 6.4 g

After talking to my peers I have increase the body size and slightly reduced the sight bob to give the float increased balance when fishing the lift method.

What do you think ?

If I have missed anything or you can think of any provements please feel free to let me know. 😊😊

The full set.
A Father & Son set of Tinca Sticks & Bobbers

Here is a disgorger in disguise as a 
mini Barbel Stick Float.
For a life long friend. 😊

Below is the second part of the
 "Father & Son set . . . . . . .

A pair of " Tinca Sticks "  .  With a suprise . . . . 
" Grandads Glows In The Dark " . .. . 😲

WOW . . . .

Below is the first part of the
 "Father & Son set . . . .

"  Feather Inlay Perch bobbers "
 In my own colours for a local lad and his dad. 😊😊😊😊😊

I have been play about with some disgorgers lately.
 Take a look. πŸ˜‰

Ok fellas. . . . . . . Here is my latest float.

A distance tench and bream float designed to lift rather than go under.

Sporting an inverted tear drop body, fluro pink sight bob, purple and black whippings, pearlescent blue paint and a feather inlay.

I have removed the spiral whipping as suggested by some of my peers and I must admit I do like the the aesthetic. The float looks much cleaner and I personally prefer the pink sight bob to the yellow one.

What do you you think ?

Constructive  criticism welcome.  πŸ˜Š

A new float pattern for me ! ! ! !  πŸ˜†

Below is my first
" Lofa ".

I had a few problems with this one. Mainly drying to quickly in transit due to the hot weather.

This is an un - loaded version. Loaded versions to come. 😊

Made for fast shallow runs. For use with big baits like meat bread, past & pellet, for a certain peg on the River Ribble near Preston.

Lets hope its a lucky float Andrew. πŸ˜‰

" Tinca Stick "
& a
" Sneaky Lifter ".
 Glad I have a few good shots to differentiate between the two . . . . . .  .😊

Below are a set of Pearlescent, Amethyst, Feather Inlays.
A Retro Stick, Tinca Stick & Perch Bobber. 😊

Below are " Sneaky Lifters MK II 's ".
Using the same idea from the new Tinca Sticks
I have removed the spiral whipping from the tips and replaced the base swivel fitting
with a brass eye to accommodate float adaptors.

One for me and one for my dad for Fathers Day.
This is the pattern of float we use the most together in the summer months for general float fishing with maggots , pinkies, casters & bread punch

What do u think ????????? πŸ˜‰


Fish on the drop with strung out no 8s.
When bites dry up move all shot apart from two or three no 8s to base of float. Move the other two three shots 1 " away from the hook.

Fish a deed depth or just off bottom.
As soon as the fish takes your bait the weight of the shot is negated and then rises by two or three bands by the sucking motion of the fish feeding.

That's when u strike.

I have seen roach and crucians take my free offerings and just sit there " Blowing " the bait sucking it dry then blowing out the empty shell and moving off.

This does not register vey well, if at all on a normal set up !!!!!!!!!!!

 It is easily seen on a
" Sneaky Lifter ".

Its like a very refined lift method basically πŸ˜†

A " Tinca Stick MK III " for
" Tench Fishing ".
Gone are the spiral whippings on the tip & the swivel fitting on the base.
 In is the new brass eye fitting on the stem base.
Very please withe the modifications.

" Retro stick Floats " .
Rated to 8 & 10 no 4s
I hope they are lucky for you
" Robbo "

Metallic , Pearlescent,
 Dragon Green Perch Bobber
With a Jay Feather Inlay.

Below is a set of . . . . .  ..

" Feather Inlay Inserted Wagglers "

In varying lengths and weight capacities.

I must admit I fell in love with this set, a little & didn't want to part with them ! ! ! ! ! !

I really enjoy inlaying a feather in a float . . . . . .It gives it that little something extra don't you think ?


The " Tink Stick MKIII "

Swivel and spiral whippiing removed. Swivel replaced with a wire brass eye. πŸ˜‰
This little 1.5 BB Inserted Waggler will be travelling all the way to the USA very soon.

Lets see if a certain someone can catch some exotic species on one of my little floats. . . . πŸ˜‰

A pair of " Sneaky Lifters " plus a trio of
" Irk Sticks ".

The sticks where originally designed for light on the drop fishing on running water but can also be used as pole dibbers and for margin fishing on rod and line.

A trio of........

" Barbel Stick Floats "

These have a twist.......😲

Instead of the feather having the pearlescent affect the pearlescent is on the body..

I feared it may look a little blingy but it is rather subtle
In really like them. πŸ˜‰

A pair of feather inlayed " Retro Stick Floats "  taking aroung 3.5 g.

These will be used for targetting Grayling after the summer has retreated. I am hoping for some nice pictures of fish and float.......πŸ˜‰

A pair of " Sneaky Lifters ".
My go to float for small or shy bitting species like roach, F1's and crucians.

Excellent for fishing on the drop on
3 - 4 feet of water.

The Sneaky Lifter............😊

Here are a set of

" Irwell Sticks "

Designed for fishing fast.....ish shallow runs mainly for barbel , grayling and chub.  πŸ˜Š

With the lovely weather we have been having the Tench have finally started moving " Up North " so its a good job I have finished these in time for a crack at the old Tincas.

5 MKII " Tinca " Sticks ready for action.

Here are a nice pair of fully loaded pellet wagglers in orange and pink. All ready for the coming summer. 😊

A " Tinca Stick Special "

Based on my Tinca Stick with a few refinements, whipped eye and a
slightly different whipping and paint pattern on the float tip.

I 'm very happy with the way it has turned out. 😊

A " Tinca Stick " float for a fellow float maker.πŸ˜‰
Here are John Derbyshires

"" Fully Loaded Pellet Wagglers "

 with a Pearlescent Feather Inlay.

These floats take a feather REALLY WELL.
I enjoy making these. Got some more in the pipe line to. 😊

A close up pic of some standard and metallic bobbers.
Bin a busy little Peanut.........

Below are four set of three floats.
Two sets of Irwell Stick and two set of Tinca sticks ready for the spring............... πŸ˜‰

My dad has just treated himself to a new camera.
So, of  couse we straight in there taking pictures of Pearlescent Inlays.
Here are the first picture.
A pair of Loaded Pellet Wagglers each
for a pair of old school mates.

Let me know how they perform,
Gary Robinson & Dave Morris.

Here is my very first fully loaded......

 "Peanut Pellet Waggler "

Total weight is about 7g

Black and purple whippings, fluorescent pink tip & finished with Amhurst Feather.

Below is a Purple Metallic,Red Pearlescent, Feather Inlay Bobber.
I really nead to find out how to take pictures of the metallic surfaces.
These pictures do not do the float justice.

Another little pink bobber makes the grade.....

A couple of bobbers in my own colours.
These take about 3AAA when using lives and about 6AAA when using a couple of lob worms.
A very versitle float, they also double up as grayling bobbers and small pike / muskie floats when fishing canals or drains.

Back to some old favourates this week.
Three " Retro Stick Floats "
Three " Barbel Stick Floats "

Below are a pair of bespoke Fluorescent Feather Inlay Perch Bobbers.

One in yellow with a yellow tip.

One in red / orange with a pink tip.

Best used in conjuction with small live baits or a bunch of worms.

These floats will also work as a small pike floats on small waters and canals.

I have been playing with avons lately.

Here are my latest......

A pair metallic, pearlescent blue avons sporting jay feather inlays with black and purple whippings, one in fluorescent yellow the other in fluorescent orange.
What do do you think ?

Here is my bobber collection.

Started on my avons this week.
 I havent got this 100% right yet.
The thread I have used is a little to thick for what I wanted to acheive but it is a presentable effort so I thought I would share it.

The next one will be a lot better when my new thread arrives.

This one may get an early christaning on Monday.


I have worked long and hard on this next float.

I have tried to construct a traditional looking Bobber for Grayling and Perch.

It is the first body I have have turned myself on my home made laythe constructed by ......

" Salford Pete "
aka my dad ......lol

Its a cork body with cane stem in traditional red & white colours and whipped black segments.

Again, for my first try at cork I am happy with it but there is lots of room for improvement regarding body shape

Anyway, I am happy. What do you think ?

I am coming to the end of my bobber campagin !!!!!!!
Some of my bobber tops have been metallic & pearlescent but on the dark side.

Not for these beauties !!!!!!!!!!
Get your shades on because.......

Below is a set of....
Fluorescent Feather Inlay Bobbers... ;)

Here is another Dragon Green Pearl Bobber....

This one has a Blue Pearlescent Feather Inlay.

The blue pearl on the feather is dormant until sunlight hits it. It then brings the feather to life and  sparkles blue....

For a friends 60 th Birthday preasent.
Whipped Avon.

I haven't made any of these for a while.....

Inserted Retro Wagglers...............

The Jay Inlay waggler with the pink tip is self cocking and has a brass eye whipped on ........Might make myself one of these......could come in very  handy in the summer.........

A pair of " Sneaky Lifters "  those shy biters....

Here is my first attempt at a large boddied waggler with a sight bob for long distance

" Tenching and Slabbing "

I would change a few things on the next float, such as remove the black whipping from the white segments as this interfers with its visability and possibleyload the next model to sone degree, othewise I am reasonably happy with the results.

I have been wanting to show these for a while but nagging little mistakes have prevented me.

Very happy with this duo of.......

" Metallic Pearlescent Pearch Bobbers ".

Told you I was getting addicted.......
I will have to do a set with nice inlays.

( These take about 6 AAA )

My Perch Bobbers are coming along nicely.
Getting the hang of them slowly...lol
Here is another set in my own colours.

Here are a set of
 " Tinca Sticks "
for a fellow
Little Britain Anglers member.
Tight lines Jason. I hope you bag some of these canal tench this spring pal.

Making  tench / bream boddied waggler with site bob and all the trimmings next.

Stay tuned lads and lasses.....πŸ˜‰

A " Scorched Perch Bobber "
Had fun making this one.

Here is a, Feather Inlay Predator Quartet.........
Two Feather Inlay Perch Bobbers & Two Pearlescent Feather Inlay
Pike Pencils.
All finished in Fluorescent Yellow.
Bobber tops in Dragon Green Pearl

Pearlescent Feather Inlays above.

A Predator Quartet in
 "  PurplePeanut007  "

A PurplePeanut007 Bobber
With a full yellow tip

I think I am getting addicted to making
" Perch Bobbers "
I think the look timeless.

Here is one in my own colours.

Here are 3 MK1 Tinca Sticks.
I haven't made these for a long time. I
 really enjoyed myself.

Below is my very first.....

"Purplepeanut007 Perch Bobber"

A balsa body with a cane shaft, purple and black whippings, brass eye, a jay feather inlay accompanied with a Fluorescent yellow tip.
Not bad for a first attempt......  ;)

Here we have a float for a fellow float maker....
Dave "  Hovis  " Hardman.

It is an
 " Inserted Count Down Waggler "

For fishing the River Mersey but is equally at hone distance fishing on still waters.
Dave will be sending me one of his to try soon hopefully.  :)


Fluorescent Yellow Pike Pencils with Blue Pearlescent Jay Feather Inlays.

 A couple more " Retro Stick Floats " finished today......

Pink Retro is 6.5 no 4's
Orange Retro is 5 no 4's

Getting more acurate with making to a certain weight............

A full selection of my different style stick floats
From left to right :
Barbel, Retro, Irwell & Irk Stick floats.

An Irk Stick Float.
Originally designed for long trotting very shallow runs as not to spook the fish
Also as a small Self Cocking Dibber.

May introduce a side eye on these floats.

Below is a small
Barbel Stick Float in Flourescent Green.
For those dark swims.
Taking 7 no 4's.

I know just thr run to try this on Casterman :)

Mr Craig Lutener
( Of Angling Times fame no less !!!!!!! )
has request a very specfic float for his roach champane on the
 River Ribble.

Here you go pal.
An Orange Tipped 6 no 4 Alloy Stemed Retro Stick Float.

Get some pics for me roach master.........lol

Here is a nice river set.
Two Inserted, Slim, Whipped Wagglers.

The second part of the set is two Pearlescent , Feather Inlayed, Retro Stick Floats..

Here is " The Big Girl " you requested Craig.
I hope " Ribble Pete " likes her.

I struggled for 10 years to get my interest back in fishing. For the last 2 years it has returned in full force thanks to many people, clubs & orgaisations.

The float below is for David Parr
" The Meddyaman "

His blog ( amongst others ) helped me get my fishing mojo back.
I hope this Pike Pencil  & the Glow In The Dark Irwell Stick Flaot helps you to get your fishing mojo back.
Hopefully we will soon be out for a session on the Meddlock or the Tame.


This is my best float to date without doubt........

A "Whipped Barbel Stick Float "
Can't wait to try it.  ;)

A set  of five pink and yellow Tinca Sticks.

For a charity auction.
Two orange tipped

 " 6" Pike Pencils "

One with a duck feather inlay & one plain.
I hope they do well for you Jerry.

A nice set of " Irwell Sticks " & " Tinca Sticks of various sizes.

These next floats are only about 4 months over due.......LOL.
 My apologies to you Adam Mack for not producing them sooner. 
They are a little smaller than you requested but up to the job I think. 

Here we have the very first
 " Irk Stick Floats " Even smaller than the Irwell Sticks for long trotting super shallow runs.

These are the "DOGS "

A Glow In The Dark Irwell Stick Float for
" The MeddyMan ".
Put it to good use my friend. 

Here are the finished 10 floats , 5 Irwell Sticks and 5 Tinca Sticks.

Five Iwell Sticks of varying wieghts for shallow water trotting.....

Glow In The Dark, Pearlesent ,
Feather Inlayed Stick Float.

This will be very usefull over the coming months Derek Kenyon..........For a couple of gentlemen who will soon be helping me hunt some " Ladies " :)

Just bought a new Hand Crafted Oak Float Box.
Fits 5 sticks or 5 Tinca Sticks lovely in each side.

Might get another box and have a play pimping it up.

A Glow In The Dark, Green Pearlescent, Feather Inlayed Stick Float for my mate
 " Casterman "

Four Tinca Sticks two with a feather inlay.

A 6" Pike Pencil with a Green Pearlescent Feathered Inlay.

6" Pike Pencil with a Purple Pearlescent Feathered Inlay.

6" Pike Pencil with a plain Feathered Inlay.

6" Pike Pencil with a Blue Pearlescent Feathered Inlay.

Enjoy Jonny. I hope  they bring you luck pal.
7" Pike pencil with a Blue Pearlescent Feather Inlay

7" Pike pencil with a Blue Pearlescent Feather Inlay

Five Retro Sticks for wintering on the River Ribble.

A new feather arrived on Saturaday. First use of it is on my Pike Pencils.
A single feather inlay with a purple pearlescent.
Very pleased with this.

This is my best and most complicated float yet.

This beauty is a Pike Pencil, but no ordinary Pike Pencil.

Here we have GLOW IN THE DARK Treble inlayed , main feather with a pearlescent blue shimmer. The two satelliting feathers are Jungle Cock feathers.

Got 4 more Feather Inlayed Pike Pencils to show you all and one thats a bit special......   :)

5 new Feather Inaly Irwell Sticks.

Pearlescent, Feather Inlayed Pike Pencils.
2 x 6" & 1x 7".

My first ever Long Trotting, Large Avons with Amyethst Inlays...........

I have updated my prototype inserted stick design.l less weight than the prevoiuos model but more balanced. Its not quite finished but I thought I would share it anyway.

It should be with you by the end of next week Tony Peet.

Orange and Yellow Tinca Sticks for close range tenching........

A set of Whipped Staights for the coming winter. I hope they are lucky for you Craig.

10 of my best. 9 Retro Stick Floats and a Barbel Stick Float. 3 plain inlays and 7 pearlescent inlays......Still need a few coats of lacquer.

Feather Inlay Stick Floats with a pearlescent twist.

VERY please with these.......my best work todate lads.......😊😊Extremely pleased with the way this Amyethst Whipped Barbel Stick Float has turned out. Looks like a normal feathered inlay initially ........ Untill sunlight hits it ............... Then it turns on the lights !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 A trio  of Irwell Sticks. One an Inlayed Irwell the other two are whipped Irwells.

An Inserted Whipped Waggler and a large Tinca Stick to......

Here we have two Retro Straight Wagglers, two Retro Inserted Wagglers & a Feather Inlayed Albino Tinca Stick.

Well, I have finally done it........I have made my first pike float.
 Its a " Whipped Feather Inlayed pencil Slidder........."
For my first attempt I think its pretty good even if I do say so my self .....lol

We have here a 5 float river selection.

Two Retro Sicks & 3 Inserted Wagglers ranging from 15 to 20 cms in length.

From old to new wagglers. Here are 5 inserted whipped wagglers with a specified 30 mm insert.
Enjoy your Holiday in France Chris & I hope your brother liked his suprise.

I first cut my float making teeth on this style of float and I am glad to say I have been asked to produce a couple..........

Here we have a pair of Retro Inserted Wagglers.....

Better late than never Andy....
Three down four to go...

MKI Albino Tinca Stick with a Feather Inlay

 Right , I have gone to town on the three sticks floats below.

For a friend of a friend who did me a favour.

Three Feather Inlayed Retro Stick Floats with a pearlescent twist........
(Stems still need a little polish.......lol)

Metallic Garnet Twist.

Metallic Topaz Twist.

Mixed selection of Retro & Irewell Sticks.
All around 10 no 4's

A Fluorescent Green,
 Feather Inlayed,  Retro Stick Float.
The fluorescent green colour is becoming more popular.
Very good on dark waters.

Two Irwell Sticks.
These floats come into their own in the colder months when the rivers are carrying extra water.
The Casterman aka Derek Kenyon is miethering me for some so I had better get some made up quicksticks.......forgive the pun......lol.......:)

A selction of 5 for a fellow Little Britton Anglers member.
Three "  Sneeky Lifters &.two Irwell Sticks "

May they bring you luck pal......😊

Happy 70th birthday to Mick Morton. Lets hope the large Tinca Sticks are lucky for you you on drink water Park escapades.

A Retro Stick Float and a Retro Feather Inlay Stick Float for a session on the Wye.

Lets hope they are lucky for you Andy.........

These Tinca Sticks MKIII"s look the business I must admit.
Thinner stems, samaller colourd tips .
 Cant wait to try them......

After testing the Tinca Stick Mark II I immidiately noticed some improvements I could make, mainly, reducing the length of tip colour also, decreasing the distance between them to intensify the the movement of the float when lift bites are occuring.

Here is the new new float will all the improvements

Tinca Stick MKIII.........😊

An example of my newest feather inlays.
An Irwell Stick Float with an Amthyest feathered Inlay.
I hope yo like it.

Slipnots aka Darren Johnson Retro Stick Floats.......Enjoy.....

Here aee two Obsidian Whipped Wagglers for a session I have planed for this month. I will report my results....  :)

Three of my best. Two Irwell Sticks & a Self Cocking Dibber.

Curly , Lary & Little Mo......PMSL

I have been having a play around with some new paints effects lately....this is what I have come up with.....I hope you like it.......😊

Albino Feather Inlayed Tinca Stick with Pearlescent Twist....

A pair for  a pal
An Obsidian Tinca Stick & a New Feather Inlayed Dibber.

Enjoy Matty......😊

Add caption

A set of 5 Retro Stick Floats plus a Retro Inlayed Stick Float.....a first for me......enjoy....😊

Nice inlay this one.....:)

. . . 

You know when you get an idea and everying comes  together with out a hitch......?????  Well this was mine from last week. A beautifull float coupled with a novel idea.

I hope you like it.......

Below we have a feather inlayed, metallic, pearlised, whipped Irwell Stick Float.....Phew........thats a mouth full......lol

The picture does not nearly do the float justice...

Purple & blue pearlescent plus metallic particles overlay the main body of the float....Quite a nice effect....

The particals are activated by sunlight so the float only comes to life in natral daylight.

Back to basics with this one.the bread and butter float.

 Here is a Whipped Feather Inlayed Inserted Waggler.....The first of many I hope....

This is my first inlayed , inserted stick float , mainly for shy bitting dace and roach. Its not even ready yet !!!!!!!!,  but it needs testing and there is a gathering of like minded souls on the River Irwell near Manchester Town Center today. Lets hope it performs well and I bag a few......

This is my improved version of the

"Obsidian Tinca Stick "

Notice the top colours are evenly spaced and the segments of black and white are larger.

Why?????.....When using a no 6 or a no 4 tell tale shot the float should rice approximately 1 segment so if u had two droppers the float would rise one segment first, then another when the fish rises further up in the water.

New design on the right with the yellow tip.

Probably my best work so far.....

An Irwell Stick Float with a feather Inlay.

Close Up.

This is a " Carved Chubber " very rough but there is something about the shape and cut marks of this float that made me leave it alone, I haven't even sanded it.

It wont be evey bodies cup of tea but I like it. 😊

I have re-named my alloy stick floats.

They are now " Retro Stick Floats " after this batch 😊.

Here are two medium

" Obsidian Tinca Sticks "

 I have just made up for a pal.

I will take some of Jason Booths advice on my next batch , reducing the length of colour and inserting a different colour below the first black whipping.

Similar to the left float but with a shorter colour tip.

This will help bite indication when the float is dotted down when fishing the lift method with a no 4 tel tel shot. 

Obsidian Tinca Stick.

Big Barbel Retro Stick Floats.
Looking Good These Matt Viney......

These are big old girls.......

Irwell Stick Floats With A Feather Inlay. Really like these.

Small Retro Yellow Sticks

Albino, Feather Inlayed Tinca Sticks.....for a lovely lady.

Obsidian Tinca Sticks .

Really like these.
 Whipped Feather Inlay Stick Floats.

Close up.

Close up.

A mixture of Standard Alloy Sticks & Irwell Sticks.

Obsidian Tinca Sticks with feather in- lays.

8-10mm Un-Loaded Pellet Wagglers.

Obsidian Tinca Sticks close up.

Here are my " Tinca Sticks " fully finished. Well chuffed.Gonna try them Sunday hopefully. If I go I will post.

Here are the before and after shot of Castermans old #Avon float after being "Pimped Up By The Peanut "
Its my first ever #feathered inlay. Very pleased & NO - you can't have your float back Casterman.......LOL



Done appart from lacquer

" Tinca Stick " Un - lacquered. Close up.

" Tinca Sticks " Un - lacquered. Group shot.

My Mrs says that I am becoming addicted......she could be correct !!!!

The floats to the right are " Tinca.Sticks " for fishing in the margines or shallow ponds. They are un - lacquered in this picture.

Latest batch of striaght #wagglers loaded so the float takes  1.5 to 2 BB.
Great for down the side on commies......
Very happy with these.....

#Un - loaded pellet wagglers.

My new whipped #straight wagglers for
#Breaking The Surface charity auction.

Bozies #inserted wagglers - Mark 2

Bozies mix of Wagglers & Sticks.

I really like this in-line stick float.
Can not wait to try it come June16th

11 g #loaded pellet waggler.

9.5 g #loaded pellet waggler.

#Alloy stick floats & my new toy.
Okuma VT 1002 centerpin reel.

Here is a new batch of #straight wagglers.

This is new, a #self cocking dibber.
I will be hopeing to do an inline version in the future.

I didn't make my floats to sell them, so, they were never made to a cost, just the best I could make with the raw matirals available, but, I have had lots of inquiries and interest.

Irwell Stick Floats. 
Shorter & fatter than standard stick floats.
Designed to fish fast shallow runs.

Close up.

Casterman likes the Irwell Stick Floats

Standard stick floats.

Large stick floats.

Wagglers, Sticks & A Lone Chubber.

Straight wagglers.
 Close up.

Inserted Wagglers & A Lone Straight waggler.

Thank you for looking at my floats.

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