Quills, Sneaky Lifters and a G.I.T.D. Carp Stalker

Below are a set of three
" Retro Porcupine Quills "
Black being a new addition.
The other two are in the same colours as my original set.
They are a slightly larger float and take a little more weight to cock ( 4BB ) compared to the originals I made for
" Salford Pete "

The next set completed are a prial of
" Sneaky Lifters "
Sporting yellow tips, pink indicating bands and finished of in original
" Carp Stalker "
thread colours.


Finally we have have a
" Glow In The Dark Carp Stalker "
Here is a group shot of all seven floats
I am going to have a play with the
porcupine quills when I get a spare five minutes.....
I have a few ideas to bring them up to date.
Retro floats are lovely but I always like to try and create something a little different for the eye by putting my own twist on things wherever possible



If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link.

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