Pike Slider - A Manchester Christening.

Today I was heading to an SFA section of the Rochdale Canal, not to fish but to deliver a pair of Pike Sliders to their new owner.😁
I know this section of the the canal reasonable well as I used to work right next to it but I have never fished it for Pike.

I arrived at around three o'clock and met Karol and Lee both experienced Pikers compared to me . .  . . . . Lol so I decided to hang around and get some tips off my new friends. 😁

Karol did not mess about and changed his old pike pencil to one of his new

Glow In The Dark Pike Sliders

and got to work.

" Hang around here Mike and I will have a picture of a pike and the new slider float for you within the hour "  . . . . . I smiled and said

" Ok mate your on "

 The boys were struggling to be honest but they still had another hour and a half of light left to get a hook up.

Four roads were out all baited with small to medium deads. Karol had lost a few fish during the day so he was due one that stayed on !!!!!!

We watched Karols fist cast with his new bit of kit and the float duly cocked at Karols requested weight capacity of 30 g.

During the next hour we had long chats about all things fishy.

Lee showed me some pictures of some monsters he had caught and I talked through my Irwell barbel capture as it's the only decent story I have got........LOL.

As we combed the surface for some tell tail sighs of pike activity some bait fish scattered in the dying light so two of the rods where positioned accordingly.

All three of us were chatting away when out of the corner of my eye Karols new pike slider gave a little bob !!!!!!!!!!!
Lee noticed it also, Karol instinctively new something was happening as Lee said . . . .

" Get to ya rod man . . . . Ya may make Mike's day if ya bag one one ya new float like "

( First time I have ever tried to witten in Jordie.
Sorry Lee . . . . . Lol )

Karol skipped over to his rod, quick as a flash, picked it up and waited for the bite to develop a little further.

We were all grinning and whispering . . . .
Please don't drop it,
please don't drop it

The float lead a merry dance across the surface of the cut. Up and down she went bobbing and shaking until she reached the weed bed half way across the canal . . . . .

" That's it " said Karol . . . . . and set the hooks with a clean strike and he was in . . . . . .

Now . . . . .

Karol had lost a few fish earlier on in the day and he wanted to live up to his light hearted boast of bagging a pike today so he wasn't taking any chances with this fish. Within 40 seconds she was in the net and we had the first pike caught on the new sliders.
We were all grinning and giggling like kids, happy that we were all present to see the job done........
Not the biggest pike at around 6 lb but it just couldn't 't have been scripted any better if we tried !!!!

and to think,  I nearly went home !!!!
So glad I stayed lads and well done.


As I arrived home I got a message off Karol........

Lee saved the blank with this little toothy critter.
Well done Lee.......lets sort out that pike trip pal.

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