Glow In The Dark Reversible, Feather Inlay, Sliding Pike Pencils For Alll Light Conditions.

Hopefully I have covered the majority of conditions with the colour scheme of the next batch of . . . . . . 

Glow In The Dark Reversible, Feather Inlay Sliding Pike Pencils.
The prial above and below are made from balsa, finished with black, purple and gold thread. The paints used are glow in the dark yellow / black and all have a feather inlayed onto the float.
 These three floats take approximately 30 g in weight and, in my opinion, will cover most light conditions when out piking on the float. 

The first model of of these floats got a hook up straight away when used on the local canal.

Lets hope these three have the same effect.
 All of these floats will be used on the river Wye and I am more than interested in their performance over the pike season.

Hopefully I will have a few pictures of fish and float to show you all in the near future. 

These weere tested on the River Wye in diffult conditions . . . . .
Seemed to work well.

Thanks to
Lee Harper Smith for his considerable predator catching skills.
Well done Lee
and many thanks for the pictures

Until the next time . . . . .



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