Mini - Porcupine Quill Perch Bobber

I have been meaning to make one of these for quite some time.

Its a . . . . .

" Mini - Perch Bobber
With A Porcupine Quill Stem" 

I have made this a small one because it will be used for general coarse fishing on rivers and lakes for many different species
and takes 3.6 gram to cock it to the white band.

I will be using it as a maggot float on the river the next time I am out......may be snare my first Manchester Grayling with it if the river gods shine on me

Anyway I hope you like it . . . . . .
I was supposed to be trying this float last Sunday on a large wild water with 
John Derbyshire........
Unfortunately I had to let him down.

Sorry pal,
We will get out soon.


If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link.

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