Double Set of Fluoro Perch Bobbers.

Here we have the classic float shape.
Two sets of 
" Fluorescent Perch/Grayling Bobbers "
Equally at home in still and running water, these floats are quite versatile.
Taking approximatrly 5AAA for maggots and 3AAA for small live baits

The sets above are finished in balsa and cane wih
Fluorescent Day Glow Pigment
Pearlescent Blue Jay feathers.

I hope you like them.

Here are a few pictures of fish caught on my 
" Perch Bobbers "
I will be adding a few my self shortly.

Pictures courtesy of Jay SS
( Thanks John )
Until the next time. 


If you would like to look at my handcrafted floats just hit the link.

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