Roach On A Tinca Stick In December

Best roach net I have had so far on my hand crafted floats.

When I got up on Sunday morning I was hardly inspired to try the River Irwell. The river had been at its highest level all year the previous night and was still very high this morning so, I opted for a local still water, but which one ?????????

I fancied a bit of roach fishing but its not that easy in Manchester to find a good roach fishery with clean fish with sharp colours, very different frim their washed out commercial cousins !!!!!!!!!! I have found a rough diamond of a water with a good head of stamp roach but to get to them you have to wade through the hordes of 3oz perch.

So, with my water chosen I popped into Elton Tackle in Radcliffe for a few bits.
A mate if mine was there, ( Craig who, last week had a massive net of roach from a North West river. Some of his roach were over 2lb !!!! ) as well as Phil Greggory
( Shop Manager )) Who kindly offered me a brew while Craig got his biscuits out. Craig looked at my bits on the counter and asked" What's the brown stuff in the bag  " " Just brown crumb " I replied and we both had a chuckle. Even friends have there secrets and I was not going to tell Craig about my special roach additive ..... LOL

Salford Pete & myself have just finished modifying my platform lately so this was a bit off a testing session for all his hard work. I have 30 inch legs for my platform so, when using it as a seat all those long legs ( which are very useful in the river) get in the way so a plan was devised to make them detachable at about 16 inches. I must say when assembled the little mods my father had made where superb. As I said the main modification was the leg length. At 16 inches all the legs where cut, two internal threads added to both pieces of each leg and a piece of threaded bar inserted and glued into one of the threads.

" The Peanut Station "
Colour coded legs so they dont get mixed up.

 A octoplus leg with both bars tapped 

 A piece of 6mm threaded bar ready to be glue in.

Maidan Voyage. River Croal last September before leg modification.
You have done a good job with those legs Dad.
Well pleased.

Salford Pete acting as Sherpa last September. 
The end result was a nice low level seat that was stable and EXREAMLEY LIGHT,
About 4.5 kgs
(a must when winter fish on the Ribble and the Irwell as some of the walks are horrendous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) plus, when the other leg sections are added it is a great table to use when wading in the river.

Thanks again for all your help Casterman.

I arrived at my venue without issue had a quick reckey, picked my peg, took a flier and introduced some bait to two likely looking areas then started assemble my platform. Once sorted I looked in my ready made rig box for a “ Sneaky Lifter “ ………………… none there !!!!!!!!! …………….. I rifled through my floats and still couldn’t find them. I must have left them on the kitchen table……………

 “ BUMMER “.

Tinca Stick on the left, Sneaky Lifter on the right.

Sneaky Lifters are thinner, more sensitive and have smaller segments for small lifts in the float to be more visable.

Tinca Sticks are smaller, more visable and able to suspend baits such as bread and sweetcorn skin off the bottom without issue.

 I found a “ Tinca Stick “ which is not quite as sensitive but I quickly made a rig up anyhow. I was fishing with all the bulk shot around the top of the float and 5 dust shot spaced out starting at half depth going down to the hook. The last shot was about 6" away from the hooky. Reel line was 2 lb with a 1.4 lb bottom and a size 16 whisker barded hook. With my first chuck and my float dotted to the tip I had a bite, which I missed. Second cast I had a hook up with my intended quarry. With a short but spirited fight I slipped my net under a lovely 8 oz roach. It was a lovely looking fish. Well pleased.......

Well this is going to plan……ish”
I muttered to myself……feeling good

With not a soul in sight I settled down into my waggler rhythm.

Cast, bait and retrieve…….and settle.

I was catapulting in about 6 fluorescent pinkies every cast and double red maggot as the hooked bait. I had a string of 3 – 4 oz. perch one after another then I hit something a little larger.

 Another good little scrap and I had another beautiful roach in my net. I guesstimated her weight at around the 14 oz bracket,
( but no individual  pic unfotunately, its the biggest fish in the mixed net below ) not quite a pound but a lovely fish never the less.

This pattern carried on for the rest of the session until the little perch dried up.
 (I Think I caught them all …. Lol ). The bites started to get very finicky after that. The float would bob under for a slit second and that was it……………… I had seen this before with roach so, I moved two dust shot to about and inch and a half away from my hook. This was to act as indicator in case the fish were just picking up the bait and blowing it in and out…………………….

This seemed to work a treat.

The float would now bob once or twice and then, slowly rise out of the water as the fish picked up the baitup, sucked it and then rose slightly in the water column. I would strike at this stage. I only missed a couple of bites after this modification to my rig.

With about 20 minutes to go Salford Pete turned up with a bacon butty for me and sat and watched me for the last half hour. Typically the fishing was very slow as Salford Pete turned up but I managed to catch a couple of fish to show him the stamp that is present in this little hideaway. He smiled and “ This looks Ideal for me and your Uncle Dave in the summer “. I agreed. It would be great for you to fishing to hand on a “ Sneaky Lifter “

" How are the legs son " asked my dad. I just smiled and replied......
" They are great dad............just great ".

We packed up then and with Salfords help I took some snaps for the blog. I will definitely be back to this place for a more in depth session to see what else lives in its murky depths !!!!!!!!!!

Salford Pete

The days catch, 9lb plus.

If you would like to look at all the hand crafted floats I make please click on the link below and it will take you to my float page.



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