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A New Page Of Floats For You All To Look At. 😊
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As promised s another pair of inserted wagglers
with a new main body of thread, green is not my favourite colour but it seems tho work on this pair. 😄

Two more Inserted wagglers with black, violet, burgundy and gold whipping
Just made this
" Chunky Straight Waggler ".
These are great for shallow water trotting when you need to slow the bait down dragging it along the bottom of the river bed.

Blue Sarkanda Inserted Wagglers In Pale Blue

Hi all,
Work has been keeping me busy of late but I have manage to complete the pair of floats below. As you know I just love using Sarkanda Reed as a float making material.
Below is my latest pair of  " Inserted Sarkanda Wagglers " The new thread I have used is a pale blue in colour. I wasn't sure at first with regards to the new colour scheme but I have warmed to it as time passes. Threads used were Pale blue, violet, black & gold.

I am going to try some more of these changing the main thread colour so stay tuned. 😁 If the new thread version looks anything like these I think I will be very happy. 😉

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Tench and Crucians On A New Lake

It is the night before the river season opens but the weather was spot on, so...........instead of tying some new river rigs I decided kill two birds with one stone.
Try out a new lake in Yorkshire I have recently found. 
Try out the new porcupine quills I have made.
Only lightly load with tackle and floats I had a leisurely, short drive to the new lake, paid my £4.00 and started setting up.  I was shoting my new quill when the owner came over for a chat.
I had initially met him last week, chatting about the lake, what is in it and all the wild life that is present near by. He gave me a little more information regarding baits and tactics and wished me luck on my short evening session.
I decided to keep it simple and fish two swims down the side, left and right with micro pellets, corn and soft pellet. It didn't take long for the action to start !!!!
First I was into some decent roach which I could just about swing in on the Harrison SU without bumping them off. Lovely though the roach were …

Inverted Porcupine Quills

I have been waiting to make some  "Standard Inverted Porcupine Quills" for a few weeks now. These floats below have been made for a friend and ex-collegue of mine with whom I plan on doing some local tenching at some point this summer.
Jason did ask for one yellow glow in the dark float in addition to the three day glow floats you see below.
Quills are quit simple floats to make as most of the shaping has been done by mother nature. It is when, like me, you keep adding complexity to the build that the time spent on one float starts to spirial out of control. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 😆

I particularly like the new pale blue whippings on these floats.

I really like these and will be making some more shortly. Jason, you don't know how close I came to keeping these for myself  😂😂😂😂😂😂 !!!!!!!!!

 If you would like to look at my handcrafted  click on the link below.  
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New Porcupine Quills

Hi all. I have tried a more conventional style of  Porcupine Quill. (approximately 20 cms long) The first is a standard day glow orange. Threads used are, black burgundy, dark, red and deep wine. The second quill is in .... "Glow In The Dark Yellow". Threads used are......back, turquoise and green. I am again struggling to get out and fish.  All arranged trips have fell through. ( Mainly due to me) It is looking like I will miss the early season tench sport. 😞 Now I am concentrating on the opening river season and my East Yorkshire river quest.
No real targets, just looking forward to fishing new rivers and learning from the experience. These floats were originally made for tench fishing but I will be using them, hopefully, as wagglers for roach fishing on the river Derwent come the new season.
I will let you know how they perform, hopefully with a bag of roach in shot. 😉 Got some more Quills on order. When they arrive I will endeavour to make some differnet styles for you all to look at

Sight Bob Wagglers With Jay Feather Inlays In Metallic, Pearlescent Purple.

Hi all,
I hope you are all safe after these testing times we have all been going through.

My latest floats are .......

" Sight Bob Wagglers With Jay Feather Inlays In Metallic, Pearlescent Purple" I am trying to be descriptive in the title but it
doesn't exactly roll off the tongue does
I have recently been inspired by another maker ( You know who you are) to make a more up to date pattern regarding my skill set.

I love the end result of these floats but for me making them is a right pain.
 ( Probable why it's been a while since I made the last set)I don't know why they irritate me when making them but they do.....🙄 The end result looks pretty good though even if i do so myself.
😁 Both of these floats are made from balsa and cane with jay feaher inlays, are coated in a bespoke, purple, metallic, pearlescent, acrylic paint finished with black, gold, violet and crimson whippings.
These Sight Bob Wagglers are approxmiately 30 centimetres long …