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A New Page Of Floats For You All To Look At. 😊 Previous Float Page Link Stick floats in metallic blue with a feather inlay Inverted segmented porcupine quills Inverted porcupine quills Body up sight bob wagglers Straight sarkanda wagglers Inserted and straight sarkanda wagglers A glow in the dark porcupine quill  I could not get a good shot of the inverted glow in the dark porcupine quill but here are some of the standard porcy pics Sarkanda reed inserted & straight wagglers. Glow in the dark porcupine quills. Two balsa stained river & still water straight wagglers. As promised s another pair of inserted wagglers with a new main body of thread, green is not my favourite colour but it seems tho work on this pair. 😄 Two more Inserted wagglers with black, violet, burgundy and gold whipping 😁 Just made this " Chunky Straight Waggler &

Irwell Ladies On A New Rod & The One That Got Away

 I have been patiently awaiting delivery of my new 7-foot float rod and today I finally got my hands on it. 😊😊 The pictures I received off Andrew Boyne do not do the rod justice. I have taken a few myself, hopefully, you will see the quality of the rod and why I am so pleased with it. Both myself and Andrew arranged a social distanced fishing session. We kept in touch by phone ensuring no contact whatsoever before the moaners start.... lol 🤣  We obviously had to fish local so we decided on the River Irwell. Rumours were about of grayling showing in the river!!!! As myself and Andy have never caught an Irwell grayling, we both thought it would make a nice target fish for the new rod. I put Andy on a favoured run of mine and I squeezed in just above him. Not much happened in the first 30 minutes. I was just about to tell Andy I was making a move when I saw his float rod hoop over and he was into the first fish of the day. A short time later a lively out of season brownie was in the ne

Traditional Wooden Float Tube with Feather Inlays

The first piece of the turner in 2021 is this wooden float tube turned from one piece of wood. Fixed with brass clasps and a brass I.D. disc with a serial number on for identification, sporting black & gold whippings and finished with a pair of guniea foul feathers. I will be back on the the lathe today turning a few more. I will also be receiving my small river float rod today.....feel like a kid at 😁 TTFN   Peanut.   If you would like to look at my handcrafted  click on the link below.     Join our club......Its FREE  !!!!!!!

New Porcupine Quill Stick Floats

 I have managed to get another pair of floats finished before the end of the year.😉 Below are a pair of .... "Porcupine Quill Stick Floats Simple floats made as I said from porcupine quill and an aluminium stem. Fluorescent orange / white paint, with black, blue and burgundy whippings with a 2020 signature to finish off the floats. I tried to make these floats as bomb proof as possible for roach fishing on the drop using caster, maggot or hemp in a good depth of water as that is how my mate likes to fish. 😊 I wanted to make one of these for myself and one for my friend and motivator.... " The Casteman" You have been no end of help and motivation in the past few years pal. PS: Congratulations on the fish of the year win from Salford Friendly Anglers, well deserved mate. TTFN   Peanut.   If you would like to look at my handcrafted  click on the link below.       Join our club......I

Straight Sarkanda Wagglers.

Hi all, My next clutch of floats are six " Straight Sarkanda Wagglers" Four of these are in day glow red orange and yellow. The top two are G.I.T.D.  (Glow In The Dark) I tried a navy thread for these floats which I quite like. 😊 Made to take approximately 5 BB these are a great general float used for many species and situations. I have had a few myself on this style of float in the last few years !!!! 😁 TTFN   Peanut.   If you would like to look at my handcrafted  click on the link below.       Join our club......Its FREE  !!!!!!!   

Stained, Stepped Stick Floats for the New Pin

 Hi all, After looking in my float boxes I discovered a distinct lack of stick floats. (No surprise there hey So a quick session on the lathe and I had a few bodies in hand for decoration. The first pair are heavy, made for shallow....ish fast runs and bigger baits, worm, bread, pellet etc.  Balsa was chosen for the body and alloy for the stem. I find the alloy stems gives me the best balance in the faster water. The bodies are stained chestnut brown, threads used where: Black Gold  Burgundy & Grey   I have made similar models to these before but longer in stem and body. In my huge collection of unfinished floats I did find a small unfinished body for a really shallow water stick.....a grayling float to be honest so.......I finished that one in metallic pearlescent blue, threads for this one where: Black Gold &  Red These smaller versions taking 5 No 4's and are just the job for really shallow runs for grayling, chub and barbel using small baits such as maggot