Roach Session. Sneaky Lifter Comes Up Trumps in Terrible Conditions.

I had a few hours spare after work on Saturday so before I went I loaded up the mighty Megan with some gear in the hope of getting a few hours roach fishing in. As the morning progressed I could see it would be a challenging session.
The weather was slowly deteriorating and the wet stuff was rolling in.

 With a last minute gear check I was heading to a little pond in Oldham that has a good head of roach and a few  surprises......!!!!!! A " Sneaky lifter " rig was made up the previous night so I was fishing within 5 minutes.

 I had opted to fish liquidised bread and flake hoping for a pound plus roach which, surprisingly, inhabit this forgotten little puddle. The 3BB " Sneaky Lifter " settled to the dotted red tip. The lifted a few millimetres to show the green band as the fish sucked up the flake and with a quick strike I was in !!!!!!!!!!! .........

for about two seconds and then was off.............
" bummer "......
2 minutes later the same thing happened again.........and again..........

That was it.....!!!!

A hook change was needed due to the lost fish and I also increased my hook size from a 16's to a 14's Drennan Red Maggot hook. The change worked right from the off. On the next cast the float buried this time and I was in to a beautifull pristine roach. 

A coupe more followed and I was slowly getting into the rhythm when I heard a rustle in the bushes behind me........ 

" Aye Up "

 came a deep throated voice directly behind me........
It was Casterman. 

He said he may pay me a visit later on in the afternoon. 

" I have brought u some maggots in case things were a little tough, have you had out lad ? "
One or two pal, not the best day I have had but still had a few clonkers !!!!   😉

I asked him to bring some maggots in case the roach didn't play ball. He also brought me some thermal wellies he had going spare which I received with relish as my feet were freezing !!!!!

I wanted to test the " Sneaky Lifter " out in a stiff breeze.
 The stability was as good as any other waggler I have used with the added abillity to detect sneaky lift bites of the roach present in the pool  😉

As I fished we had a chat, mainly about the Manchester Ship Canal and started formulating a plan as to how and where we will attack it in the coming months.

Casterman was doing some recognisance that afternoon near Lyme but before he left he got me some bits and a few large ground bait catapults for the coming pre- baiting sessions out of his car. We said our goodbyes and I got back to fishing but my mind now was on the Manchester Ship Canal. The weather was absolutely horrendous as well.....hail stone, the works. Bites had dried up as well, so, I gave the Casterman half an hour to get home the range him.

 " Do you want some company on the Shippy pal " I said.

 " Of coarse Mike. I would be glad of the company "

I was packed up in ten minutes and met Casterman at McDonald's and off we went to suss out some virgin pegs for the coming months...........

but that's another story.......😉

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